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Hello world! December 12, 2009

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This is my first ever business card I designed for myself during Scientific Illustration school at UC Santa Cruz back in 2003.  I “painted” the cow in Photoshop – I think the udder area is my favorite part. I still love this business card but since I’ve expanded my creations beyond just illustration it isn’t relevant anymore.  But I still wanted to share.

I’m so excited to start this blog and share all my favorite creative things with all of you and hope that you share with me in return.  I’m hoping this blog and sharing of all things creative and bright will inspire my branding efforts.




8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Karla Steele Says:

    Hey Girl! Yea!!!! This looks awesome…just udderlicious!

    I’m so proud of you. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. meganodea Says:

    Thanks Karlita!! I am too 🙂

  3. Stan Clouse Says:

    Really nice Megan – I’m impressed!! I may have to hire you to design a wood carving logo/business card for me. The one I have is pretty basic.


  4. Rose Says:

    It’s great that you have a blog. Nate wants me to start one, but I have a feeling I would piss everyone off if I wrote about my daily life! Keep it up girl!

  5. miss lynn Says:

    welcome to the
    wonderful world
    of blogging, miss
    the box for

    happy day!

  6. lora Says:

    Wow, Megan–you do great work! I love your creations & I’m excited to keep coming back to learn new stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    PS Those cookies look super yummy!


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