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Holiday Traditions December 21, 2009

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Every year before Christmas my Aunt Jody has my sister and I over to do some sort of holiday treat decorating, then she cooks us an amazing dinner. It’s a special tradition we’ve done since we were little tykes, now we may have a missed a few years in there while we were both in college but we’ve been back at it the last few holidays.

Because we are so creative, she’s always trying new techniques or ideas with us. This year, we tried the technique called flooding. Basically, after piping the outline of the cookie you flood it with a frosting that dries quick and with a matte finish. Then you go back and pipe designs on it and add sparkles and treats.

While we aren’t professional and she may change her frosting recipe a bit for next year, I think they turned out gorgeous!! And I’m sure they taste amazing too. . . I didn’t even sneak a taste, but my sister did.

Thanks for another fun holiday night Aunt Jody!!




14 Responses to “Holiday Traditions”

  1. Jami Says:

    WOW amazing!!!

  2. Kate Says:

    Megan has much more artistic ability than me and it definitely showed tonight! 🙂 Good job sista! And YES, they do taste amazing!

  3. Karla Steele Says:

    Where was Aunt Judy when I needed her last week? These are beautiful. I think you should start selling them for people like me who may never try a cookie exchange again!

  4. Angie Says:

    Those are amazing girl. I did some with Drew this past weekend and they don’t even compare! Great work!

  5. miss lynn Says:

    holy stink. these
    are gor*geous.
    i seriously thought
    they were photos
    from a magazine.

  6. Dad Says:

    I don’t believe they are real, at least I did not get to actually get to bite into one.

  7. You are sooooo crafty!

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