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Some Gift Ideas For You December 29, 2009

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Wow, what a Christmas!  I was snowed in with my very sweet family in Kearney, NE from Tuesday evening until Sunday morning but despite the close quarters for an extended amount of time, we had one of the best holidays that I can remember!  Thanks Mom, Dad and Kate for making it special.

Not only did we eat a lot of very delicious food cooked by my Mom. . . we also exchanged gifts like most families do during this time of a year. Now a few of mine were too creative and cool not to share, maybe you will want to gift them to someone special to you!!

What an amazing surprise from my boyfriend Brian, a beautiful easel for painting. I’m almost ready to start my first one.  Thanks Bri!  This can be found at my favorite art store in Omaha, Dick Blick.

I’ve already scoured this beautiful collection of creative places by Jo Packham. I love this website and love the book even more, which can be purchased here!

Envirosax!  My sister knows me too well. . . I always forget my reusable bags when I make a quick stop at Target or the grocery store and end up throwing more plastic bags in the trash feeling horribly guilty.  This is the perfect solution, roll them up, keep them in your purse and they come in so many patterns and colors, it’s the perfect gift any time of year. Make sure to purchase them at one of the two Material Girl locations in Omaha!

What creative and unique gifts did you give or receive this holiday season? I would love to hear!




6 Responses to “Some Gift Ideas For You”

  1. Dad Says:

    where is the toaster oven and iron?

  2. miss lynn Says:

    i’m so happy to hear
    you had wonderful
    family time! ummmmm…
    “boyfriend”? i want to
    hear more! : )

    ok, my favorite gift…
    some love*ly
    chocolate brown
    uggs. purchased by me,
    wrapped by me, given
    to me from my sweet

    happy new year!

  3. Karla Steele Says:

    I received dancing lessons from Trent! We are going in February. I can’t wait! I love those bags by the way…need to go to Material Girl soon…question, how many times do they play Madonna a day?

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