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Crafty Stress Relief January 19, 2010

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My preferred method of stress relief is having a nice cold beer on a warm sandy beach listening to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the shore line laughing with good friends. BUT, we can’t have it all, so instead I take a retreat to my art room.  This has been a particularly stressful week – so much going on! So I took a few hours tonight to crank up the iPod and crank out some projects I’ve been wanting to get to.

This is the cozy little mud/laundry room BEFORE I moved in and took over.  As you can see, it’s blah blah blah. . . this strange pale yellow color that has a gray undertone with the original sparkly vinyl floor!

Then. . . I got a hold of it and added the 7th different wall color in my house!

In keeping with the retro theme my mid 50’s Speed Queen brings to the room, I went for a beautiful shade of Romaine Lettuce.

Thanks to Brian for helping me paint in such close quarters.  You’ll also notice I installed a new vinyl floor, it really warmed up the room.  The white baskets help to contain all the clutter and look pretty cool against the green shelves.  I wish I had a better camera, these photos just don’t do it justice!  I can’t wait to start finding fun items to decorate the walls.

And I whipped out these cute little curtains tonight – what a great stress reliever!  I had found this very old but very clean bed sheet at my favorite junk store – Tiede’s – in Overton, NE, and knew it would be PERFECT for this project.  This was my first official sewing project and I found the most challenging part was cutting a square piece of fabric!  I hope my Mom is proud.

Up next is a memory box for a baby shower.  My friend Jaci asked me to design a personalized memory box to give as a gift to a good friend of hers.  We’re going with the baby blue and chocolate brown theme above. Can’t wait to share the final product with you later this week!! So fun.

So while those very close and dear people in my life may tell you it looks like Shrek exploded in Megan’s laundry room or the Incredible Hulk tooted. . . I like it, it makes me smile every day and after all, what better stress relief is there then encountering something that makes you smile?




7 Responses to “Crafty Stress Relief”

  1. Mom Says:

    You did a nice job…love the curtains and the colors for the baby box….but I thought I saw Shrek hiding in the corner!

  2. Lori Says:

    I saw baby and thought you were announcing something then realized it was a gift for someone. Your mom can keep hoping, huh?!

  3. Karla Steele Says:

    Love it! Great job. I love the green and the baskets. Where did you get them?

  4. Kate Says:

    And the best part about this room is that you let me do my laundry in it for free….you’re the best! 🙂 Good job!

  5. Sarah Luther Says:

    So what is this baby shower memory box all about?? I want more details! I wish I could pick up on your creativity!

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