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Just gorgeous January 26, 2010

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This might be my new favorite blog: EmersonMade.

Very simple, clean and gorgeous photography.

Maybe someday I will be able to pull off wearing one of  her flowers!




4 Responses to “Just gorgeous”

  1. dad Says:

    what is coming out of her month and stuck to her tummy?

    • meganodea Says:

      Are you getting this through RSS to our email? You replied so quick!! The thing that looks like it’s coming out of her mouth is a hanging on the wall behind her and that’s a gorgeous flower made out of fabric on her belly! Isn’t it cool?

  2. janelle Says:

    i just discovered that blog too and LOVE it!!! how fun!

    • meganodea Says:

      J Nel!! YAY!! I’ll add your site to my blog roll. I don’t remember how I found EmersonMade but it was some time last week. . . totally looks like something you would love too!

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