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Red, Yello and Green, it’s a Fire Truck Theme! April 25, 2010

Just look at this sweet little baby, Colin, surrounded by his Dad’s firefighter uniform. Precious, isn’t it? This photo makes me smile every time I look at it and I got to see the little guy on Friday when he visited his mom and my coworker, Courtney, at work (be sure to check out Courtney’s amazing design work here).  He was all smiles just like his Mom but with a little bit of shyness. Totally adorable!

Colin’s Dad is a firefighter, his nursery is decorated in firefighter theme so Courtney asked me to design a box with that in mind.  You would think it would be easy to find firefighter themed trinkets and papers and fabrics but it’s not!  So this one was definitely a challenge but once I gathered all elements I was so excited to see the smile on Courtney’s face when it was complete!

Of course I used a red and yellow theme with some blue and green accents.  The green and white checked paper is what Courtney used for either his announcements or a shower invite, I can’t remember!

I found the cute little 3D stickers at Hobby Lobby and the blue rick rack could probably be considered vintage.  Did I mention, I love using rick rack?  I bet that photo of Colin will look perfect in the space I created with photo corners for a 4″x6″ photo.

The inside cover is a very clean design but so bright and colorful. Besides rick rack I also love using those little plastic letters.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a quality photo of the entire inside of the box but I covered the inside of the tray with green paper to repeat it from the cover.

When I saw these little stick on letters they completely reminded me of a little boy and make a great addition to Colin’s memory box.

Giving the final product to my customers is probably the best part about creating memory boxes.  I think Courtney was really happy with it and excited to fill it with many happy memories!  Many thanks to Courtney for her creative ideas and encouragement, I love “talking shop” with you friend!

What are some other baby boy themes I could make into a memory box?




3 Responses to “Red, Yello and Green, it’s a Fire Truck Theme!”

  1. Megan – We love, love, love the memory box! It’s even better than I imagined it and it goes with the theme of Colin’s room perfectly. Thank you so much!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Do you sell these memory boxes? If so how much are they? I love them.

    • meganodea Says:

      Hi! Thank you for your kind words. I may be partial but I think they are cute too, and very fun to create. I do sell them and the cost depends on how complicated the design is. Why don’t you send me an email and I can give you some more details.

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