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Button Heaven February 13, 2011

Filed under: Box Making,Buttons,decorating,Gifts,Memory Box,Omaha — meganodea @ 7:04 pm

Loving these colors and variety of designs. This is about 1/4 of the stash of buttons I brought back from my recent trip to K-town.

Where do you find cool, vintage buttons?



2 Responses to “Button Heaven”

  1. Lori Jorgenson Says:

    Kami and I love button, too. Were the buttons a bargain?

    • meganodea Says:

      Hey Lori!! I got the buttons on the cards at Tiede’s in Overton and they are always a steal! I think I got the loose, vintage buttons at Home Time. They were a good price, I think $5-$10 for a baggie full and they were all clean and in good shape. I know people order them off eBay too but I haven’t done that yet.

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