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Mirror Mirror On The Wall February 14, 2011

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I loved the shape of this mirror the minute I saw it at the junk store.


I loved the price even more, especially when the oh so sweet shop owner gave it to me for $10.00!!!  I know, crazy, right?


So I taped it up with my Scotch Blue painters tape.


Gave it a good ‘ol sanding with my sand sponge which I love because it morphs to different shapes.


Had a hard time choosing between Haystack or Barn. . . yellow or red. . . hmmmm. . . .


Grabbed my new Purdy paintbrush and painted that baby Barn red.  Unfortunately it took a few coats and still didn’t fully cover it. But that’s okay, it still looked pretty cool with some of the wood grain showing through the paint.


After it dried, I weathered it with my hard sander, it’s more precise when “weathering”, I don’t have to scrub as much as with the sponge sander.  But you can’t even really see the weathering in this photo can you?  Trust me, it’s there and very artistically done in the most perfect spots.


Then I tried the stain thing again but I think it only works really well if using with a light color, like yellow, so you can really see the contrast.  If anything though, it took the paint from a pinky Barn red to a warmer Barn red.


The stain thing took FOREVER to dry. Once it did though, I put a quick coat of satin finish on it.


I’m so in love with how awesome it looks on one of the side tables in my bedroom.


Now. . . what color to paint those side tables, I’m having a little trouble with that decision.  Those tables are from the house of a very dear old friend of our families who I grew up with. She would cook popcorn in a pot on the stove whenever she babysat for us!!


Okay, back to that paint color. I’ve got  a small gold dresser, you can see it in the bottom right of the photo , my Mom actually repurposed this when she was in college and I’ve been using it forever. . .


And I’ve got a red chest of drawers, this is actually part of a bedroom set from my Poppy’s house. My mom has the dresser and mirror in her house which she repurposed as well, it’s gorgeous!


So you kind of get the gist. I feel like if I paint those end tables red or yellow or blue it’s going to start looking more like a clown’s bedroom instead of a perfectly normal yet creative adult’s bedroom!!  I’m leaning toward a dark brown to match the headboard.  What do you think?  I would LOVE your input!




PS: Kind of fun to go through that room and note where each piece of furniture came from.  I’ve made all of the wall hangings too (except that beautiful sunflower shaped mirror I couldn’t resist at Pier 1)  from stuff I bought at the junk store.  I have a hard time buying NEW. It’s too fun to repurpose.


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10 Responses to “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”

  1. bellyhaynes Says:

    I love the mirror too! You did a great job. I think the tables would look good dark or like a grey shade. Grey would look good with all of your other colors yet keep it neutral. I love seeing your projects…keep it up!

  2. Katie Says:

    the shape is phenomenal! I really like it in red too! what a good find! I have been hunting for a unique shaped mirror to no avail!

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  4. Cheri Says:

    Very pretty–I love the red color.


  5. Karla Steele Says:

    I left a comment a few days ago but don’t see it, so, I love the mirror…and I would leave the end tables the same as you have them. They look great.

  6. […] And there ya go.  I love it mixed in with the funky red mirror. […]

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