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Why I Buy Handmade – For The Experience February 27, 2011

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I’ve recently followed a bunch of new blogs and immediately fell in love with their oh-so-cute handmade products.  I like buying handmade not only to support the artists and crafters but because it’s often a more creative and personal experience than buying from some big box retailer.


Like this little beauty from The Pleated Poppy.

The packaging is just as cute and imperfect as her blog suggests, just what I was expecting.





Sealing the package with a round sticker, mimicking the rounded corners from the biz card, how cute!





And of course I had to share the gorgeousness that was inside. I love wearing yellow as it is a good contrast color and goes with any neutral – well, I guess any color goes well with any neutral, right?  But I just love yellow.  This is the mustard Petal Pusher.

And I love that she didn’t stop there, like any smart marketer, she added a tag to the back that has her website clearly identified so in those red carpet moments I experience I’ll remember “who I’m wearing”. HA!




Funky Vintage Kitchen is another blog I’ve recently started to follow.  It’s fresh and vintage and a little whimsical, just like the birdcage stamp on the envelope.  I’m in awe of the cute details like how she signs her name with a little heart like you see there on the mailing label, or the font uses on her blog or the design of her Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed buttons.  I aspire to have a blog this clean and whimsical with a little funkiness!






My package came in this tiny jewelry box wrapped with red and white string and a label using elements from her blog.  Such great branding.







And here’s what I saw inside!  She took more string and tied the ring to a little FVK card and added a personal thank you note, which again uses a detail from her blog.  Isn’t the way she signs her name so cute?  It’s at the end of all of her blog posts too. . . . someday, I’m going to be as chic as this!  Don’t forget to check out that super cute ring! I’ve worn it almost everyday, it’s the perfect little addition to my wardrobe, and again. . . it’s YELLOW!!!!






And oh, Allora Handmade, WOW!  She had me at all the gorgeous COLORS!!! As soon as I started following her blog I just KNEW I had to have one of her gorgeous Pearl Rosette Necklaces.  So I sent Brian the link and said instead of spending a fortune on real flowers for V-Day, buy me these instead. And he did!!!  They are put together so well, I’m not worried that I’m going to break or unravel or ruin the necklace if I wear it everyday.  And as everyone else has done, the elements of her packaging are exactly what I would have expected from her blog.



I was so excited to get each of these packages in the mail because I just knew these creative women wouldn’t disappoint with their swift delivery and gorgeous, funky, whimsical packaging.  Thank you to you three for a wonderful and inspiring experience!  Who else should I be checking out? Share your favorite handmade artists with me, please!


So go treat yourself to something handmade, the creativity and craftsmanship of these artists will inspire and delight you with a buying experience you will want to repeat over and over again!




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