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Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Blog Been. . . April 9, 2011

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Wow, it’s been almost 6 weeks since I last posted and let me tell you, what a crazy 6 weeks it has been. . . .


Enjoying delicious, cool drinks in Kansas City with Brian & family. . . . .


Along with some soul soothing guitar playing by Joe Bonamassa at the Midland Theatre. Have you been there? It’s gorgeous! I highly recommend seeing a show there.

And celebrated girl’s weekend with my beautiful friends from college (I hate this picture of myself but love it of everyone else so I put it in, love you ladies!)

Such a great weekend full of Greek Food cooked by Moi!, lots of laughs and good drinks.  I’m so blessed.


Greek salad



Celebrated my birthday with treats from Aunt Jody & a serenade by my office mates!

And a cute little gift from Brian.

We met our new little cousin from San Francisco and are REALLY hoping she’ll be living in Omaha soon!

Brian and I started getting ready for our trip to London by purchasing rain coats. Yes, they are matching and they fold up into a little pouch, but at least we didn’t get the same color, right?!!

And, our $150 garbage disposal has turned into a $1500 garbage disposal.  Basically, I’ve learned that garbage disposals are pointless, you can’t put anything down them especially not half a head of Romaine lettuce (well, Brian learned that lesson).  We have the plumber on speed dial!

All that combined with crazy busy work days. . . . but last weekend I was finally able to spend some time in my creative space.  I used my new electric sander. . .

And here’s a sneak peak at my latest project. . . just need to figure out a good way to hang something on vinyl siding without having to drill holes into it.  Any suggestions?  I can’t find those vinyl siding hooks in Omaha anywhere, are they worth ordering online?

And of course I just HAVE to share. . . Easter Cake Pops with Aunt Jody!!

It’s Master’s weekend!! So I’ve scheduled my weekend around TV coverage, this is my FAVORITE weekend to watch golf.  The youngsters are really kicking butt this year!

So, with the sun finally shining and warm weather upon us, I can’t wait to get going on several outdoor projects I’ve got brewing in my head and can’t wait to share them with you!  What creative projects have you got in the works this spring? Would love to see them!




One Response to “Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Blog Been. . .”

  1. Nicole Says:

    How could you not post those lovely little egg pastries from the Greek dinner? So tasty; love them and you 😉

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