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Do You Know The Muffin Man? June 30, 2011

I did this little muffin tin project awhile ago and keep looking at it everyday wondering just who is the muffin man? Hmmm. . . Just kidding, I do look at it everyday wondering if I like it, if it turned out good, if it looks good in my kitchen, if I should keep it hung up. . . what do you think?

I found this old crusty muffin tin in an old schoolhouse somewhere between Overton and Kearney, NE that was converted to a little junk/antique store.

It has some fun details like the ornate handles and crustiness!

I knew I wanted to hang it in my kitchen but didn’t know how or what I wanted to look like.  I’ve had this white frame for awhile.

Has a little canvas texture.

And yes, the original price was $49.99, wah???  My Mom always has random frames tucked away in her storage room and I’m pretty sure that’s where I found this gem.

I’ve also had this very cute paper since last summer, just tucked away waiting to be part of some creative kitchen project. The colors are perfect for my kitchen.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering. . . where the heck is this going?  Just a few more photos and you’ll see. I taped up the frame and painted it Martha Steward Cornbread.

Then I got out my paper glue and cut a piece of chipboard and paper to fit the frame.

Then put staples on the back to hold the board in.

And WALLA! At this point I paused and thought maybe I should just leave it like this?  But decided to move ahead with my plan just to see what would happen.

I really liked the texture and crustiness of the muffin tin and didn’t want to lose that so I decided to give the tin a stained look by adding  a little water to the paint and doing a wash.

It’s just a subtle green, turned out just as I wanted!

The paper was so cute I didn’t want to completely hide it so I tried a different layout but it just didn’t look right.

With a few drops of Gorilla Super Glue on the back,

The muffin man now has a home!

He’s hanging above the sink.  It’s kind of heavy but it fits nicely in that space and brings a few colors to my otherwise boring, old cream cupboards.

I may be obsessed with yellow, this is the tea pot I got for my birthday.

I’m still unsure about the muffin tin creation, what do you think?



One Response to “Do You Know The Muffin Man?”

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