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Hip Hip Hooray, Another Wedding Day July 12, 2011

Yip, Yip, Yip. . . r-r-r-radio. . . Yip, Yip, Yip.

Yes, these are home made costumes by one of the most fun couples I know, Jaci & John.  Seriously, how fun?  I’m laughing just writing this thinking about that Halloween night and those awesome costumes, they used tennis rackets to move the bottom of the mouth up and down!

So I wasn’t surprised when these incredibly fun and charming wedding invitations came in the mail!

Such a nice little package Jaci put together, all assembled herself!

And, she designed them herself too, aren’t they fun?  I LOVE it, the color, the copy, the fonts, simply splendid!

And I couldn’t WAIT to create a memory box for Jaci that went right along with the look and theme of her invites.  Luckily I was able to find the EXACT fonts on my computer. And I wanted it to be stacked and squared mirroring the composition of the invite.

You probably can’t see it that well with my horrible photography skills, but the invite has a lot of dotted lines, so I used these round buttons with a funky texture to repeat the dotted line look. And girly’d it up a bit with some black lace.
Again, what a horrible washed out photo! This is the inside cover of the box, the paper buckled a little but I kind of like the texture.And I had a great old brooch purchased at an antique store this Thanksgiving in Eureka Springs, AK. I thought it added a little funk to the design of the box.

And here’s a peak at the inside of the box. The bottom is covered with some fun textured silver paper I had in my stash. I like to put a couple things in there to give the bride some ideas of how to group things, fasten with ribbon and simply what to keep in your memory box!

I loved the font combo so I made a little card to go with the wrapping.

Wrapped it up in the theme color and there ya go! I wish I would have had polka dot silver wrapping paper but in the end this worked, AND Jaci loved it.

I hope my friends know how much satisfaction and pleasure I get out of creating these gifts and being there to see them open it and share in the fun of getting something a little unique and very personalized!

I know Jaci & John will have a splendidly happy life together!





2 Responses to “Hip Hip Hooray, Another Wedding Day”

  1. miss lynn Says:

    oh miss megan!!!
    what a perfect gift!
    i love
    your attention to
    you are a sweet

  2. Jaci Says:

    Maybe we should start a craft club 🙂 In all seriousness, this was an amazing shower gift, I just love it, and you have quite an eye for detail yourself!

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