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From Door Frame to Wall Art July 17, 2011

I found this gorgeous hunk of crusty old door frame at Jim’s Seek & Save here in Omaha. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a must see, great finds, huge variety and really great prices.  This was only $15!
Isn’t the crusty and crackly-ness just amazing?
I need some major help with my photo taking skills, I apologize!  I cleaned up the piece and sanded the bumpy parts being very careful not to lose too much of the crackles and paint. Got out my Purdy paintbrush and Martha Stewart paint sample called Cornbread.

This is supposed to be what it looks like but really, it’s yellow, a lovely soft shade of yellow. I think I’m obsessed with painting things yellow lately – like the muffin tin project and the mail holder project. And you can see in a few photos I have a yellow kitchen and got a yellow tea pot for my birthday! I guess I love yellow!
So I painted this baby up and went to town “weathering” it.  There was probably 3 or 4 layers of paint and a couple layers down was this really great 1950’s turquoise green color.  I was super happy that after the paint dried, the crackling showed really nice.
Whenever I need some creative inspiration, Anthropologie is my first stop, not only do they have awesome clothes but they have the best window displays and in-store displays too.  Gorgeous, colorful, playful, vintage, I just love that place.  And, they always have these darling knobs on sale.  So I stocked up on a few and may have splurged on a couple that weren’t on sale, but it was worth it.
At first I tried to use measuring and math to space them out easily but there’s a reason why I’m a creative, not a numbers person. In the end I just eyeballed it which I’m sure ended up more precise than if I measured!
I drilled holes and screwed them in. Some of them were longer than the thickness of the board so I finally got to use my Dremel to cut some metal! Just trimmed the ends of those little suckers off like cutting butter!
And there you have it!  I hung it up by itself and it was really boring so I found some knick knacks around the house and arranged them on top. See that big brown plate? I found the gem at Goodwill for $1.99.  I’m going to paint it a funky color. . . I’m sure you’ll see that project soon!
Isn’t it so cute? I keep staring at it I love it so much! Did I mention it’s 44″ wide?  HUGE I tell ya!
Look at that old nail sticking out. I thought it was a cool detail so I left it in there.

This was originally designed to be a holder for all of our hats but I think it’s too cute to cover up those darling knobs, right?




12 Responses to “From Door Frame to Wall Art”

  1. miss lynn Says:

    i love this!!!!
    and i am
    so in awe
    that you
    did the tool
    work yourself.
    what a WOMAN!!!
    it’s really pretty,
    and you are right,
    you must show
    off those knobbies!!!

  2. hollyll Says:

    CUTE! Love the funky knobs. I need to find a good salvage store!

  3. diyshowoff Says:

    So pretty! I love the different knobs. Clever! Great job!

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  6. cassie Says:

    i love the eclectic look!

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