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Pretty Packaging Makes the Gift November 17, 2011

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I’ve posted on packaging before where I showed packaging of purchases from some of my favorite handmade artists and bloggers including Funky Vintage Lovely and Allora Handmade. So I thought I’d share a little packaging I created recently for some cute little gifts.

I love these little sautered pendents with clever sayings that you see everywhere. And I love smiley faces, do you remember this post about the smiley face cookie jar? 🙂

These look great as necklaces or could be fun as key chains or maybe even incorporated into some piece of creative work so I wanted to let my friend decide what to do with it!

I had all the supplies already in my stash, it was just a matter of picking out fun ribbon and matching different textured papers with it. I glued the papers together, poked 2 holes to run the ribbon through, tied it up cute and cut the ends, that’s a trick my Mom taught me. It’s a good way to “finish” ribbon or bows.

I loved the ribbon and paper colors so much I didn’t want to hide them in the wrapping so  I just used some brown bag paper, wrote a little note on the inside, folded it over and hot glued colorful buttons on. Fun, cheery and made from scraps of things I already had on hand!

How do you use your scraps from all your creative projects?




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