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More Funky Frames November 21, 2011

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I’ve shared this beauty with you before.

But what I didn’t show you was HOW I turned it into this funky yellow frame.

This is my secret, ha! Hang it on the old clothesline and spray away!

I shared a bit about this little treasure from my Mom awhile back.

So I went to town with the blue spray paint.  Now, this method doesn’t work quite as well, the fibers in the towel always stick to the frame because I’m too impatient to wait until it’s 10000% dry.

And there ya go.  I love it mixed in with the funky red mirror.

I’m obviously obsessed with frames right now, are you? Where do you find them?




2 Responses to “More Funky Frames”

  1. […] you know, I’m OBSESSED with funky shaped frames and that also includes mirrors.  Here’s a couple I found on the cheap, I mean really cheap, […]

  2. […] to brag about this one or anything but Karla did say I inspired this one, she spray painted this piece that used to be a nasty old dirty gold […]

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