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What a HOOT! December 29, 2011

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Oh geez, what a headline!!  It’s just proof. . .I’ve become obsessed. . . with OWLS!

It started with this ring I saw on Etsy.

Then this fabulous necklace I purchased from a boutique while on a girls trip to Denver.

And now I can’t stop, owls are everywhere and I can’t stop photographing them or “pinning” them! I’m in love! These cuties were at my favorite thrift/junk/antique store, Back In The Day, in Omaha.

And so were these awful things but I think they are so cute!

There’s “Owls on a Branch”.

And an owl on a branch made to be a jewelry holder from Urban Outfitters.

They also had an owl photo frame (not found on their website). . .

. . . and another owl jewelry holder, I mean just search “OWLS” on their website and soak in the goodness. So cute!

There were glass blown owls at the Hot Shops Holiday Open House. . .

and original vinyl and wood art owls too.

I even found very scary owls at Goodwill.

And flying owls on lamps at The Afternoon.

And all you hunters know where to find these owls. . . that’s right, your local Cabela’s!

An owl and Christmas themed luggage tag, oh my stars!

How adorable are these handmade felt owl ornaments?

I even found owl ornaments made out of toilet paper rolls! Feliz Navidad!

This is just precious, found on one of the DIY blogs I follow and now I can’t find the actual post!

I saw these at Anthropologie. . .

. . . and absolutely fell in love with this guy.  The colors are gorgeous and he’s winking, how clever!  If I had a million dollars I’d own all of these but I just own one, and taking photos of all others suffices. . . for now!  Happy Whoolidays!




3 Responses to “What a HOOT!”

  1. Tim O. Says:

    who gives a hootdang!

  2. miss lynn Says:

    ohmygosh. i totally
    have the same
    owl love thing going
    on. can.not.get.
    enough of the little

    today at the cousins,
    totally saw 8 porceline white
    owl napkin rings!!!
    had to force myself
    to put them back on
    the shelf. so
    cute! we have a real
    owl that lives
    on our corner….love

    happy day, megan!

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