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Mirror, Oh Funky Mirror, On The Wall January 10, 2012

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As you know, I’m OBSESSED with funky shaped frames and that also includes mirrors.  Here’s a couple I found on the cheap, I mean really cheap, like both for less than $10.00!  Throw a little spray paint on them and their transformed!

I dug deep, to the bottom of the pile of mirrors and mirrors to find this gold gem!

There was something about her that was reminiscent of Beauty & The Beast, which just happens to be my favorite Disney movie!

But that textured oval thing is so strange isn’t it? I wonder what the person who designed this mirror meant for it to be?

Nothing a little sparkly brooch and some silver spray paint couldn’t fix though.

I added a bright pink ribbon, this one just happens to be from the LOFT bags. . . I always save those ribbons from LOFT shopping bags because they are the most gorgeous colors, I have a big old jar full!

Didn’t she turn out so beautiful? I think it’s a mirror you would totally see in Beauty and The Beast, or Snow White or one of those Disney princess movies!

I also found this beast!

It’s a little too gothic looking for my taste but I knew some bright spray paint could fix that!

I went bright cobalt blue!

And flipped it upside down. I think that softened it up a bit.

GORGEOUS!  Well, maybe not gorgeous, but fun, right?

Don’t be afraid to buy something a little ugly and throw a fun color of spray paint on it.  You’ll probably create a masterpiece and love it!




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