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Hike at Schramm Park April 29, 2012

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Here’s some of my favorite photos from our recent hike at Schramm Park State Recreation Area. Did you know Schramm Park was Nebraska’s first fishery ? It opened in 1882 and the old hatch house is now a fish management museum.

Here are some photos, I’m still learning what I like when editing a photo, but I guess I know I like how these photos turned out! Enjoy!

My Canon T2i takes pretty good close ups, huh? I love the organic shapes of these fungi.

Pretty contrast, burnt orange against gray.

More fungi, love the texture of the green moss.

Brian on a bridge.

Me on a bridge, I was having fun!

That is the fish house way down there and these are the hatchery ponds (I’m not sure of the correct name for these) but they still have a lot of pretty fish in them!

I love the colors and textures in this wall.

Platte River

Awe, Brian.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?




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