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Hiking at Neale Woods June 4, 2012

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With over 600 acres of conserved forest and prairie land as well as over 9 miles of dirt trails, Neale Woods has become one of our favorite places to hike.

Located just north of Omaha up in the hills, you would never guess you are just minutes from the city when hiking around Neale Woods.

It’s a beautiful mix of prairie and forest, this is by far my favorite photo from the hike.  What do you think? My photography skills are slowly improving, at least I think so!

Shout out to Team Cocktail!

You will see and hear Woodpeckers up high in the sky. . .

and dainty little Dutchman’s Breeches growing low on the forest floor.

If you’re in the area, Neale Woods is a must, even if you just go enjoy the sunset while perched on a bench!

Where’s your most favorite place to hike?




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