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Creative Day. . . Finally! July 29, 2012

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It’s finally coming back, slowly but surely the creative juices are flowing again!  Everybody celebrate!

I’ve had a lot of little things in my house that needed fixing and one really big thing and I finally found an awesome handyman, Mark, because they were all things that myself nor Brian wanted to tackle.  And I found these guys. . .

Ugh! My house was built in 1959, I’m not sure when the basement got finished but when it did, they plugged the basement drain and put carpet over it. So what that means is, the only way to scrape all the roots out from that 50 year old maple in the sewer line is to go through the vent all the way on the roof of the house. Unfortunately this doesn’t allow much leverage and this year the guys couldn’t get through all the roots so we had to put clean outs in.

Just another thing to add to that list we all keep. . . In My Next House. . . Rich and his team at Midwest Plumbing and Drain were incredible, they were very thorough, got everything cleaned out, used the camera to show us the clean line when they were done, and cleaned everything up as best they could. I recommend them to anyone.

Now I have a crap ton (ha!) of yard work to figure out! I didn’t like those bushes they had to take out any way!

So while we were supervising the progress all day I decided to go a little crazy with the spray paint and get some projects done. I’m SO THANKFUL the creative bug has hit me again!  I don’t even know what you call these, they are wood and I think they are used in baseboards or molding. Not sure.  But I made something pretty cool out of them!

And these are a couple of thrift store treasures I thought I would transform! I’m really digging the teal and orange that is so popular right now.

I just liked this photo, this is my work table and I love all the paint and scratches all over it!

So didn’t those boards turn out cute?  I did a little white wash over the spray paint. I’ve had these knobs forever, purchased at Hobby Lobby.

This will look great on the wall of a beach house, don’t you think?

I’ve also been doing some illustration, just for fun, these are my inspiration. I absolutely love vintage seed packets and vintage fruit crate art. I love the simplicity of the composition and bold colors and contrast in the illustration.

And I absolutely love drawing and painting again!  What do you think? I like how it turned out, may try something a little different with the background on my next vegetable.

What other vegetables do you think I should paint?

Hope your creative juices are flowing too!




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