Megan O'Dea Jenkins

Wishing you smiles and laughter every day.

About December 12, 2009

Artist, golf snob and lover of Macs, laughter, smiles and all things colorful and creative.

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9 Responses to “About”

  1. Dad Says:

    so what’s up with this? are you trying to sell something or just talking. What is the difference between this and a facebook page? The sun is shining here even though Suh got 4th.

    • meganodea Says:

      Oh Dad. . . yes, it would be nice to sell some stuff on here but it’s more about connecting with other creative people and sharing ideas and maybe connecting with people you may not otherwise of met. It’s also to share all the creative stuff I’m doing, or my friends or doing, or that I like. Facebook is to connect with people from high school. 🙂

  2. I dig it yo!
    Need to know more about your mobile view you have going with this?? On the iphone your blog comes in mobile friendly- very nice!

  3. Karla Steele Says:

    Is Ginger the Ginger we worked at the Gap with?

      • Di-Ann Neff Says:

        Hello Megan, I am Brian’s mother he sent me your web site. I love your craft interest. He has probably told you I craft alot. Right now I am interested in scrapbooking. I just have to get started. I have several ideas, I just haven’t put the pages together. For Christmas I painted some whimsical paintings for my grand-daughters Hunter and Riley. (Brian’s nieces)I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet over Thanksgiving. I’m sure we will at some point. Brian sent me a photo of the two of you. I think you make him very happy. In fact in the photo you both look very happy. I will keep your web site in my fav’s. We will meet soon. I just heard a phrase – Crafting allows you to make mistakes, art allows to you decide which ones to keep. How true. I’ve got to get back to working, take care.

      • meganodea Says:

        Hi Di-Ann, so great to eMeet you!! And Brian has told me all about your crafting and artistry! We’ll have a lot to talk about. Thanks for commenting here, I’m trying to post once a week, we will see how it goes. Feel free to share any cool websites with me!

        You are so sweet to comment on the photo Brian sent – you have a wonderful son that does make me very happy. We laugh a lot and he is just so kind!

        Look forward to meeting you soon!!

  4. Kelly Says:

    Hello! I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster award! You can learn more on my blog,

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