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Repurposed Door Frame March 12, 2014

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Repurposed Door Frame

I’ve repurposed a door frame before and it was so fun and so beautiful I wanted to do more!

Repurposed Door Frame

Although this is super cute as is (thank you Karla!), it was screaming for some color!

Repurposed Door Frame

I call it an old door frame but I think it’s really the molding across the top of old doors. This was in really good shape!

Repurposed door frame

Aren’t these paper designs cute? They were perfect to add some texture to this rather flat board.

Repurposed Door Frame

Measuring carefully, I centered the paper cut outs across the board and glued them down.  Then gave the door frame a good sanding which also chipped it up a little. I love chipiness!

Repurposed Door Frame

And of course I painted it turquoise!  I am in LOVE with this color.  After a few coats of paint, I roughed it up with sandpaper then got out my secret weapon, Valspar Antiquing Glaze, to give it that old antiqued look that always adds nice texture. But of course I forgot to document those steps!

Repurposed door frame

Next step was drilling holes in the center of the paper cut outs for the knobs.

Repurposed Door Frame

My idea worked out perfectly! I loved the added texture!

Repurposed door frame

The knobs are longer than the board is thick but it’s nothing a Dremel can’t handle!  I just snapped on my metal cutting wheel and basically sanded off the ends of the knobs.

Repurposed door frame

I’m in love.

Repurposed Door Frame

I stare at it everyday hanging in my office.

Repurposed door frame

It turned out so awesome!

Repurposed Door Frame

Especially this cute little guy!

What have you repurposed lately?




Holiday Wreath How-To December 8, 2013

We’ll get to the wreath in a second, first I want to show you how I turned the Thanksgiving tray into a Christmas tray!

Frame to tray Christmas

I already had most of this in my house including the paper. The candlestick holders and bowl were beautiful wedding gifts!  And the shiny holiday bulbs. . . well, I bought them for the wreath and luckily had a few left over.

Holiday tray from frame

Simple but cute, right?  Okay, now on to the fun stuff!

Sparkly wreath upgrade

Store-bought wreaths are so expensive! And I never find one where I love every single thing about it so it never feels like it’s worth the cost.  That’s why this year, I wanted to make my own wreath, and it had to be colorful and it had to be sparkly!!

Holiday wreath upgrade

I found this fantastic mess of sparkles and texture at Garden Ridge for $19.99.  What a crazy store!

Holiday Wreath Upgrade

Garden Ridge also had bulbs in all sorts of sizes, colors and textures. I chose orange, turquoise, red and green all sparkly, shiny and a little matte too. Total cost for bulbs was $10.00.

holiday wreath upgrade

First I simply placed the bulbs on the wreath to make sure my vision would work.

holiday wreath upgrade

It seemed  a little plain and needed something to tie it all together so I grabbed this ornament off the tree (thanks Mom)!  Just what it needed!

holiday wreath upgrade

Then I started with the hot glue! I think I used 3 sticks of glue!

holiday wreath upgrade

Can you see all the glue on that bulb? I didn’t even burn myself!

Holiday wreath upgrade

Oh so pretty. I used red tulle to hang the ornament in the middle.

Holiday wreath upgrade

I love how it turned out and that I was able to incorporate the colors orange and turquoise in my Christmas decor!

Holiday wreath upgrade

I tried to clean up all the glitter but I think I will be finding it for years to come.  Good thing I believe the world needs more glitter!




Repurposed Frame & Screen October 6, 2013

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My creative juices are overflowing, finally!! I started and finished two projects today AND I’m blogging about them both!

Ornate gold frame

I bought this frame as a set. You may remember this sign I made for my then boyfriend and now husband!! woohoo!!


Yes, I’ve had this in my closet for over three years and it even moved to our new house with me. I knew I’d find a brilliant project to use it for!


I took the back off and pulled out the print, it’s mounted on a board so I just set them aside. . . you’ll see why in a bit.


I sanded the frame very lightly to give the paint something to stick to.


Then I started painting.


I love these Valspar samples and lately I’ve been obsessed with the color Tropical Oasis. So obsessed that when I showed my Hubs the two projects I was working on today he called me Marie. (Those of you Breaking Bad fans know how much Marie loved her purple. . . well I love turquoise!)


I’m also obsessed with the Valspar Antiquing Glaze!  It’s like adding a fun scarf to your outfit, it just ties it all together and finishes the outfit perfectly!


Remember the print and board I set aside? Yep, I wrapped it with some fun paper.


Then inserted the piece of glass I had cut at the local hardware store.  . . can you see it?


I couldn’t even wait for the glaze to dry, I had to finish it tonight because I knew it was going to be so cute!


TADAAA!!!   All of these items I had around the house.  The glass cylinder on the left is just filled with green lentils and wrapped with jute. So simple but super cute!


The frame-turned-tray turned out just how I wanted! For Christmas I will switch out the paper and the decor. . . I’m going for a turquoise, green and red theme this year, can not wait until Christmas!


I also painted up this little screen since I wanted to paint it. . . . you guessed it. . . .turquoise, Valspar Tropical Oasis to be exact!

There is a screen there, can you see it?



I’ve had this screen about three years as well so it was a bit dirty, gave it a good wipe down with a damp cloth.


Then got to painting!  It only took a couple of coats.


Eventually I’ll hang a holiday themed wreath on this screen but for now it added another layer to our mantle.  I’ve been Pinning mantles like crazy on Pinterest! Come follow me!


That sign right there was painted by Susie Harris,

one of my most favorite bloggers.  I love her work.


I’m loving today’s projects! My old house had every wall painted a color!  Now, all my walls are “Latte” so I’m using color in other ways. It’s definitely been a challenge, but I’m slowly figuring out.  Next challenge is what to do with those windows!

If you have any ideas, let me know!













Seeing Green – More Repurposed Wall Art May 13, 2012

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And now a little break from the nature hikes!

My very good friend Nicole found this gem while she was out “junkin”!

Beautiful gold and chippy frame.

And this beautiful gem I picked up at Shabby Chic Picker Chick but sadly she has closed her storefront but still sells online.

Another beautiful gold beauty!

(oops, I forgot to round the corners on this photo! Oh well.) I chose the Martha Stewart paint samples I got from Home Depot in Okra.

And I had a spill. . .. oops!!

It took about 4 coats to cover that nasty goldness!  You can see it shining through here.

I’ve had that green paintbrush since college. . . 14 years. . . yikes!!

I roughed up the frame after I painted it to look worn. But you can see here, the gold really showed through.

I like the white showing through, but not the gold.

So I tried to paint it with watered down white acrylic.

It looks pretty good. . . from a distance 🙂

Isn’t she lovely? I picked up  a few botanical prints at The Humble Home for only $2 each! I love botanicals but only when they are in a bright funky frame!

You may remember this beautiful shelf I made from this post. I propped my new artwork up on it, looks lovely.

But a little sparse.

So I added a couple other pieces of repurposed art! Now it makes me smile every time I walk by.

Doesn’t the shelf look so sweet?

I’m in love with this repurposed project too!  Green and pretty.  The white vase is also from The Humble Home. The doily is from a junk store in Eureka Springs, AK. And the yellow iris’, well, their from my garden!

What have you repurposed lately?




Have You Been to Hitchcock? May 1, 2012

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If you haven’t been to Hitchcock Nature Center for a hike I highly recommend it!  This place  is a little piece of heaven only 30 minutes northeast of Omaha. Located in the Loess Hills, Hitchcock Nature Center offers over 10 miles of rugged trails (well, as rugged as you can get in NE/IA!) – you’ll definitely want some pretty good hiking shoes or water proof shoes out here. Here’s some snapshots from a recent hike at Hitchcock.

Can you see the mustache?

I absolutely love the green foliage against the wintery brown brush! (is that so nerdy of me or what?)

There was little snails everywhere!

This is from the top of the ridge line looking West to farmland and I-29 way back there.

It was kind of overcast the day we were out there so I tried some different editing options in Lightroom 4 to blue up the sky.  Turned out pretty good. . . at least I think so!

Party pic!

Okay, can you see the little flash of red smack dab in the middle of this shot? It’s a woodpecker, I promise!

I think this is from the look out tower looking West over Hitchcock Nature Center.

There’s Brian at the top of the 45′ lookout tower. It was pretty, can’t wait to go on a sunny day!

I hope you are enjoying posts from our hiking adventures, I promise I’ll have a post on an creative project coming up soon!




Hike at Schramm Park April 29, 2012

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Here’s some of my favorite photos from our recent hike at Schramm Park State Recreation Area. Did you know Schramm Park was Nebraska’s first fishery ? It opened in 1882 and the old hatch house is now a fish management museum.

Here are some photos, I’m still learning what I like when editing a photo, but I guess I know I like how these photos turned out! Enjoy!

My Canon T2i takes pretty good close ups, huh? I love the organic shapes of these fungi.

Pretty contrast, burnt orange against gray.

More fungi, love the texture of the green moss.

Brian on a bridge.

Me on a bridge, I was having fun!

That is the fish house way down there and these are the hatchery ponds (I’m not sure of the correct name for these) but they still have a lot of pretty fish in them!

I love the colors and textures in this wall.

Platte River

Awe, Brian.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?




Nature at OPPD Arboretum March 29, 2012

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It’s a lot more fun to take nature photos with a fancy new camera so Brian and I are taking to the trails this summer.  We’re going to try to do a hike a week and so far have explored some places we haven’t ever been to in our hOmaha!  Here’s a few snapshots from our nature walk at the Omaha Public Power District Arboretum.

I liked this little greet pine tree amongst the brown/grey surroundings.  I may have punched up the color a bit, playing with the editing features in Lightroom 4.

And another beautiful green pine tree amongst the brown/grey surroundings.

I love the yellow-ochre colored rocks and ground cover against the cobalt blue-ish sky. This photo was taken by Brian and edited by me!

We also went over to check out the Grotto in Elmwood Park and I had to share the camera with Brian again. It’s so hard sharing the camera, I mean who likes to share a shiny new toy?  But he loves it and loves taking photos so I guess I’ll be nice and keep sharing!

A little reflection for you.

I’m excited to spend the summer exploring nature, might have to bring my sketchbook along.

What are you exploring this summer?