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Delightful Dinner Party March 20, 2012

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Oh geez, how cheesy is that headline? Well I don’t care, we invested in a new camera and I am so excited I’ve been taking billions of photos! (Many, many, many thanks to my photographer friend that guided us to our decision, advised me on editing software and set me up with a great workflow. I will forever be in debt to you, you know who you are, you rock!)

Now on to the topic at hand. If you have been following me for awhile you are very familiar with my Aunt Jody because of this, this, this and this. (If not, take a look, she’s amazingly creative in the decorating baked goods category!)  Well, her husband, my Uncle George, had a birthday a few weeks ago so I decided to have them over for dinner.  And even though he grew up on Greek food being Greek and all, I decided to cook him a Greek meal anyway because it’s so delicious and my favorite meal for entertaining!

I love this photo. Several people have suggested knocking down this wall between our living/dining room and our kitchen to open it up but I just can’t part with that retro-ish wall design thing. Nor would I part with the bermuda blue walls and chocolate brown furniture.

I’m also in love with my table decor right now too. The colors, the textures, the fact that everything there was either a beautiful gift or something I picked up on the cheap while junking. It just all fits together (and yes, I know I may be the only one that thinks that it all “fits together”!)

Here it is all set for dinner. Kind of fun.

Here’s my lovely sister Kate.

She cooked up the tiropitas. . . YUMMO is all I have to say about those!

We also had a lot of wine. I’m loving the Apothic wines right now. The Red is my fav.

We had Greek salad with home made Greek dressing courtesy of my Mom. Actually, all recipes used for this meal are my Mom’s recipes.

Calamata olives and feta cheese.

Pita bread and tzatziki sauce from the mediterranean food store up the street.

Spanakopita. . . double YUMMO!

and pork souvlaki.

I had to remove all the pretty table decorations to fit all the food on my little table!

Aunt Jody brought dessert and of course it’s cute as every and more delicious than you can imagine. Oreo cookie crumbs, whipped cream mixed with some deliciousness and heath bar frozen to all kinds of goodness!

There we are happy as clams, it was such a fun night, I love spending this time with my family and being able to entertain, literally, Brian had us in stitches. Good laughs, good times.

What’s your favorite dinner party meal to serve?

Did you like my photos? I noticed a little improvement!