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Polka Dot Flowers & Purple Butterflies November 20, 2010

How could anyone resist doing a special project for this cute little blond hair-pig-tailed girl?

In addition to that precious little smile, she also has a precious pink and yellow bedroom, a little girl’s dream, right?

So her mom didn’t have to twist my arm to create some cute artwork for these gynormously tall walls!  I sketched out a design using her bedspread and pillows as inspiration.  We are starting on one wall for now but will add another soon, I just couldn’t wait to share the progress!

First step was sketching the art on the walls with white chalk (thanks Rosie for the recommendation!)

If you look very very very close you can see the faint white lines.



And I mixed up a beautiful light fluffy purply violet color.



And started with that cute little butterfly in the corner.



Then the periwinkle colored flower with polka dots in the middle.



Then the bright pink flower!



To finish it off I added some white polka dots and green stems and leaves.  SO CUTE!! And I heard the little one loved it too!


Hope your day is filled with polka dot flowers and purple butterflies!




My First Belly Cast October 23, 2010


Being a Cyclone (and celebrating our HUGE WIN over Texas today!) in Nebraska is tough, this big red N is EVERYWHERE!!  But I didn’t mind doing a Husker themed project for a good friend of mine because this particular project was something I had never done, decorating a belly cast!!




We started with a few different ideas that I sketched out.



And after trimming up the loose ends of the belly cast to give it a nice, clean shape I then sanded it and applied gesso just like you would on a newly stretched canvas. I used a 4B pencil to freehand sketch the chosen design on the gessoed surface.

A little blurry but there it is after applying many layers of acrylic paint.

And a side view shows the double red stripes, just like the Huskers have on their game day pants!

I used a black Sharpie marker to do the lettering (blurred here for privacy reasons) which worked out really well. Then coated the entire piece with a matte spray finish.   I glued the ribbon to the back with fabric glue and it feels like it will hold up really well.

This is going to look so cute in Dylan’s Husker themed nursery!





What a Summer September 19, 2010

This summer took me many places: awesome guitar festival in Chicago, family trip to Florida, friends trip to Colorado, lots of golf, trips to the zoo and the Joslyn and much more.  The one place this summer didn’t take me was to my art room so, I took this cool, drizzly fall weekend to finally spend some time in my cozy little studio.  Between football games this weekend I was able to make a tiny little dent in my very long project list.

Here’s a sneak peak at a couple projects I’m working on:

This might be one of the cutest and brightest little girls bedrooms that I know of. What little one wouldn’t love pink and yellow and purple everywhere?  My friend Amy painted this cute room all herself, yellow on the top of the walls and pink on the bottom. These are sketches of the room, trying to figure out the composition for replicating the flowers on the bedding as flowers on the walls, big, HUGE flowers!

One of these tiny little sketches will hang ever so creatively in the Husker themed nursery of my friend Sarah’s little one, Dylan.  Belly casts seem to be all the rage these days for those expecting little ones and are definitely a very unique way to commemorate such an incredibly special day!

This is only scratching the surface, many more projects coming up. In the meantime I’ll keep visiting my favorite blog Design Sponge for creative inspiration as well as those listed on the right of this page.




Red, Yello and Green, it’s a Fire Truck Theme! April 25, 2010

Just look at this sweet little baby, Colin, surrounded by his Dad’s firefighter uniform. Precious, isn’t it? This photo makes me smile every time I look at it and I got to see the little guy on Friday when he visited his mom and my coworker, Courtney, at work (be sure to check out Courtney’s amazing design work here).  He was all smiles just like his Mom but with a little bit of shyness. Totally adorable!

Colin’s Dad is a firefighter, his nursery is decorated in firefighter theme so Courtney asked me to design a box with that in mind.  You would think it would be easy to find firefighter themed trinkets and papers and fabrics but it’s not!  So this one was definitely a challenge but once I gathered all elements I was so excited to see the smile on Courtney’s face when it was complete!

Of course I used a red and yellow theme with some blue and green accents.  The green and white checked paper is what Courtney used for either his announcements or a shower invite, I can’t remember!

I found the cute little 3D stickers at Hobby Lobby and the blue rick rack could probably be considered vintage.  Did I mention, I love using rick rack?  I bet that photo of Colin will look perfect in the space I created with photo corners for a 4″x6″ photo.

The inside cover is a very clean design but so bright and colorful. Besides rick rack I also love using those little plastic letters.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a quality photo of the entire inside of the box but I covered the inside of the tray with green paper to repeat it from the cover.

When I saw these little stick on letters they completely reminded me of a little boy and make a great addition to Colin’s memory box.

Giving the final product to my customers is probably the best part about creating memory boxes.  I think Courtney was really happy with it and excited to fill it with many happy memories!  Many thanks to Courtney for her creative ideas and encouragement, I love “talking shop” with you friend!

What are some other baby boy themes I could make into a memory box?




Keeping Memories for Baby Girl April 6, 2010

In a previous post I shared the start of a project – a memory box for a baby girl.  This was so fun because my friend Jami is giving this as a gift to a good friend of hers who recently welcomed baby Emri into the world.  Because Emri has such an adorable nursery, Jami thought it would be fun to match the memory box design to the nursery so Mom can display it. Of course I was all for this as well, what artist doesn’t want their creation to be center of attention!

On the left is a photo of the wall mural in baby Emri’s nursery, a whimsical tree with sage green leaves and highlights of pink flowers. On the right is all the components I planned to use in the box, pink buttons, ribbon with a pattern similar to that of the wall mural and various colors and textures of paper.

I’m really pleased with how the different textures, tones, colors and styles came together in this whimsical yet trendy memory box for baby Emri.  The papers, ribbon and letters were found at some of my favorite art supply stores including Hollanders, Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick.  Of course the buttons come from all of my various junk store or antique store adventures in either Omaha, Overton or Weston, MO.

I really like using these letters because they add a child like playfulness  to the memory box.  The photo corners are another new item I’ve been using recently as opposed to building an actual frame out of chipboard and slipping a photo in it.  This is a much more user friendly solution and leaves more room for for fun details like layering different papers and more buttons!

I have a really great HP Desk Jet printer that came with my Mac that I purchased back in 2002!  I can run so many different thickness and textures of paper through this printer, it is an awesome resource and I hope it never ever dies on me!

This is kind of an awkward angle but you can see how I incorporated all of the elements from the front of the memory box on the inside of the box.

As all artists experience, sometimes mistakes can be happy ones!  This strip of green paper with the letters spelling out Emri was a last minute addition because the paper crinkled really awkward when the glue dried and I didn’t like how it looked.  This was a creative solution to fixing that issue as it really enhanced the design of the interior of the memory box, making it more personal and interesting to look at.

I’m so happy that baby Emri will have something so fun and whimsical as a keepsake full of many memories to visit over and over again the rest of her life!  I’m curious, how do you keep the many memories made by your babies?




Special Gift to Keep Wedding Memories March 6, 2010

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My friend Nikki who lives in Minnesota sent me an envelope full of memories from her sister’s recent wedding. Everything from shower invitations and photos of the couple to bachelorette party keepsakes and the gorgeous wedding invite itself. Having all of these items made this memory box even more special it allowed me to create the entire piece and add elements I normally wouldn’t get to.  This was such a fun project that really took me to another level with my creations. Thanks Nikki!!

I purchased the chipboard for the box, book cloth and papers from my favorite paper store – Hollander’s. The ribbon is from one of Hobby Lobby’s fabulous 50% off sales!! And the buttons are from my favorite junk store – Tiede’s – in Overton, NE.

I really like this style of box – a basic hinged lid box.  It allows to do some fun stuff with clasps or ribbons to securely close the box.

And a fun little surprise when you open the box – a beautiful photo of the happy couple!

Here you can see several bundles of keepsakes secured with a bow and accented with some beautiful but artificial greenery!  Similar to that on their invitation you see on the front of the box.  This is a great little keepsake for Nikki’s sister.  Thanks for a fun project Nikki!

And up next. . . another memory box but this time for a baby girl.  My good friend Jami is giving this to special friends who recently had a baby girl.  On the left is a photo from the nursery that Jami sent me before hand so I’m matching the colors and style.

Can’t wait to share this new creation with you!!




Keeping Memories for Baby Boys January 24, 2010

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My good friend Jaci was going to a baby shower today and asked me if I would design a custom baby themed memory box as her gift, she wanted to give something unique.  The gift was for a baby boy and she provided his name, birth date and birth weight. . . all important info that mother’s remember!

This was the first memory box I’ve made for a baby gift and it was so fun!  I chose the color theme of chocolate brown and a baby blue.  I had the white textured paper recently purchased at the local Dick Blick. I had the rick rack and very cute little buttons from a trip to Tiede’s in Overton and the brown canvas, blue Canson paper, letters, ribbon and fuzzy puffy balls were all purchased at Hobby Lobby. They are starting to feature some really great detail patterns and color patterns in their ribbons.

I love this color scheme, so much it’s also the color scheme of my living room along with a few other bright colors!  The top of the box features fixed photo corners which hold a 4×6 photo.

This is the customized detail – baby’s name, birth date and birth weight.

This is the inside of the box cover with a few little cute button details.

The final creation is something very sweet to hold many very sweet memories.  Thanks Jaci, it was a fun project and I now have so many ideas going through my head!