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Customer Experience At It’s Finest – The Grey Plume February 15, 2012

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Brian took me to the Grey Plume for dinner on Valentine’s Day (yes, I am very very lucky). This was my second trip to this fine establishment, it’s always such an escape, it makes me feel like I’m at a fancy dinner while on vacation! I appreciate the attention to detail at the Grey Plume, from the table settings to the charcuterie plates made by a local artist to the design of their plating, every little detail is important to them.



But as we enjoyed the evening what I noticed the most was the customer service. From being able to make our reservation through Open Table, to kind, warm greeting as we entered the restaurant and a smile at each time a server came to our table, it was impeccable. But the thing that stood out the most was that everyone that worked there was so proud of the restaurant, of the food, of the chef’s, and they shared that with you. They were sincere in expressing their excitement over the wine selections the sommelier had for the night and delighted to compliment the dessert chef on his creative flower themed dessert.  Our server started the dinner and ended the dinner thanking us for spending Valentine’s Day at the Grey Plume.



The enthusiasm and pride was infectious and much appreciated. We made the right choice for dinner. I left our server a note of thanks for being so enthusiastic and wonderful, she deserved it as well as everyone at the Grey Plume. Keep it up, we need more experiences like this in Omaha!





PS You may see more posts from me about customer experience, some good, some bad, but always constructive!