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Frosting Flowers October 4, 2010

I visited Justin Gaffrey‘s incredible gallery in Seaside, FL this summer.

It was the amazing painting sitting in the sun outside of his gallery of colorful flowers and the words  to the song You Are My Sunshine that peaked my interest. That was the song my Mom sang to us when we were little tykes, I love it.

But the most intriguing thing I learned about this artist is that he used to be a chef, so the fact that he paints with a palette knife and his flower paintings look like thick, bright, delicious frosting covering an enormous and beautiful canvas full of color was not surprising.  Some of his flowers can be 2 inches thick and his paintings can take up to one week to completely dry. Incredible!

Justin’s work is inspiring me to be more abstract and free in my acrylic paintings, it’s difficult,  but a little painting I’m working on is coming together nicely, I’ll be sure to share it when it’s complete.  For now, I will browse Justin’s site daily for inspiration.

What is your creative inspiration?




What a Summer September 19, 2010

This summer took me many places: awesome guitar festival in Chicago, family trip to Florida, friends trip to Colorado, lots of golf, trips to the zoo and the Joslyn and much more.  The one place this summer didn’t take me was to my art room so, I took this cool, drizzly fall weekend to finally spend some time in my cozy little studio.  Between football games this weekend I was able to make a tiny little dent in my very long project list.

Here’s a sneak peak at a couple projects I’m working on:

This might be one of the cutest and brightest little girls bedrooms that I know of. What little one wouldn’t love pink and yellow and purple everywhere?  My friend Amy painted this cute room all herself, yellow on the top of the walls and pink on the bottom. These are sketches of the room, trying to figure out the composition for replicating the flowers on the bedding as flowers on the walls, big, HUGE flowers!

One of these tiny little sketches will hang ever so creatively in the Husker themed nursery of my friend Sarah’s little one, Dylan.  Belly casts seem to be all the rage these days for those expecting little ones and are definitely a very unique way to commemorate such an incredibly special day!

This is only scratching the surface, many more projects coming up. In the meantime I’ll keep visiting my favorite blog Design Sponge for creative inspiration as well as those listed on the right of this page.




Destined for the beach. July 5, 2010

I just returned from an amazingly beautiful trip to Destin, FL with Brian and my family.

We spent ample time chillaxin at the beach which is the main reason why you visit Destin, gorgeous white sand beaches with crisp emerald color waters.

And in between sand filled swimming suits and rain drenched golf bags thanks to hurricane Alex, we were able to browse several local galleries featuring local artists.  Finding local artists is one of my favorite things to do when traveling and The Studio Gallery in Grayton Beach was by far my favorite.

Just the cute little bungalow type set up of the gallery had me all giddy.  While browsing the gallery, the gorgeous colors in these giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) mini prints by artist Robin Renee Hix were screaming all sorts of goodness at me.

Described on her website as “Subjects of primitive splendor combined with dynamic coloring result in images with a joyful eclectic folk art feel.”  Talk about speaking directly to my creative little heart!

While immersing myself in these incredible colors and simplistic subject matter  dreaming of her pieces adorning multiple walls in my house it dawned on me. . .the beach was the subconscious inspiration for the colors I chose to decorate my house!

I could never figure out why I gravitated to the color scheme in my house that has lovingly been described by friends and family as Copa Cabana, Easter Bunny and Incredible Hulk, as I’ve never been a pastel color sort of girl.

So now I know, I’m destined for life at the beach.  A little beach house bungalow painted cornflower blue with lemon yellow shutters and white trim accessorized with teal and orange adirondack chairs on the front porch and lilac, baby blue and pink beach comber bikes parked in the front yard.  And when you visit, just look for the little weathered sign on the white picket fence front gate that says Welcome to Copa Cabana!