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They Did What? August 8, 2013

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I just had the most incredible customer service experience, it was so good I had to share!

On June 8th, I ordered a beautiful angelo:HOME teal tufted ottoman from the Nebraska Furniture Mart. I ordered it online and was informed it would be delivered by July 8th, just in time for our upcoming rehearsal dinner party at our beautiful new home. I was so excited!!

July 8th came around and the Nebraska Furniture Mart (the Mart) called to tell me that the ottoman wouldn’t be arriving that day and that they didn’t know when it would arrived. So every few days I gave the Mart a call and they kept telling me the same story – the manufacturer is not returning our call, probably as a result of delays due to the July 4th holiday.

On July 17th I’d had enough, I reached out to angelo:HOME via Facebook and email, and kindly explained the situation. The very next day, I received a very nice email from Ed in customer service, congratulating me on our wedding and then delivering this news, “please send Michelle (copied on this email) your address as Angelo would like to send you one out ASAP free of charge – as an early wedding present!”

What? You’ve got to be kidding me, right?  They are doing what? I couldn’t believe it. I expected they would at the very least have a reason for the delay or resolve the issue with the Mart and provide a new delivery date. But nope, they went above and beyond!  And, I corresponded back and forth several times with Michelle, she was so helpful and kind!


Because of this incredible generosity and experience, we wanted to support Angelo and his business so we found the perfect an accent chair and ordered it from angelo:HOME online. The Harlow armchair is perfect, it’s good quality for a reasonable price, they have free shipping and I received the chair within a week! WOW!


So please friends, check out angelo:HOME for any of your home decor! Here are direct links to Angelo’s main websiteonline shop and a fabulous blog. He will inspire you with color and style!


Thanks Angelo for the wedding gift and for providing amazing customer service. You rock!



Seeing Green – More Repurposed Wall Art May 13, 2012

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And now a little break from the nature hikes!

My very good friend Nicole found this gem while she was out “junkin”!

Beautiful gold and chippy frame.

And this beautiful gem I picked up at Shabby Chic Picker Chick but sadly she has closed her storefront but still sells online.

Another beautiful gold beauty!

(oops, I forgot to round the corners on this photo! Oh well.) I chose the Martha Stewart paint samples I got from Home Depot in Okra.

And I had a spill. . .. oops!!

It took about 4 coats to cover that nasty goldness!  You can see it shining through here.

I’ve had that green paintbrush since college. . . 14 years. . . yikes!!

I roughed up the frame after I painted it to look worn. But you can see here, the gold really showed through.

I like the white showing through, but not the gold.

So I tried to paint it with watered down white acrylic.

It looks pretty good. . . from a distance 🙂

Isn’t she lovely? I picked up  a few botanical prints at The Humble Home for only $2 each! I love botanicals but only when they are in a bright funky frame!

You may remember this beautiful shelf I made from this post. I propped my new artwork up on it, looks lovely.

But a little sparse.

So I added a couple other pieces of repurposed art! Now it makes me smile every time I walk by.

Doesn’t the shelf look so sweet?

I’m in love with this repurposed project too!  Green and pretty.  The white vase is also from The Humble Home. The doily is from a junk store in Eureka Springs, AK. And the yellow iris’, well, their from my garden!

What have you repurposed lately?




Delightful Dinner Party March 20, 2012

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Oh geez, how cheesy is that headline? Well I don’t care, we invested in a new camera and I am so excited I’ve been taking billions of photos! (Many, many, many thanks to my photographer friend that guided us to our decision, advised me on editing software and set me up with a great workflow. I will forever be in debt to you, you know who you are, you rock!)

Now on to the topic at hand. If you have been following me for awhile you are very familiar with my Aunt Jody because of this, this, this and this. (If not, take a look, she’s amazingly creative in the decorating baked goods category!)  Well, her husband, my Uncle George, had a birthday a few weeks ago so I decided to have them over for dinner.  And even though he grew up on Greek food being Greek and all, I decided to cook him a Greek meal anyway because it’s so delicious and my favorite meal for entertaining!

I love this photo. Several people have suggested knocking down this wall between our living/dining room and our kitchen to open it up but I just can’t part with that retro-ish wall design thing. Nor would I part with the bermuda blue walls and chocolate brown furniture.

I’m also in love with my table decor right now too. The colors, the textures, the fact that everything there was either a beautiful gift or something I picked up on the cheap while junking. It just all fits together (and yes, I know I may be the only one that thinks that it all “fits together”!)

Here it is all set for dinner. Kind of fun.

Here’s my lovely sister Kate.

She cooked up the tiropitas. . . YUMMO is all I have to say about those!

We also had a lot of wine. I’m loving the Apothic wines right now. The Red is my fav.

We had Greek salad with home made Greek dressing courtesy of my Mom. Actually, all recipes used for this meal are my Mom’s recipes.

Calamata olives and feta cheese.

Pita bread and tzatziki sauce from the mediterranean food store up the street.

Spanakopita. . . double YUMMO!

and pork souvlaki.

I had to remove all the pretty table decorations to fit all the food on my little table!

Aunt Jody brought dessert and of course it’s cute as every and more delicious than you can imagine. Oreo cookie crumbs, whipped cream mixed with some deliciousness and heath bar frozen to all kinds of goodness!

There we are happy as clams, it was such a fun night, I love spending this time with my family and being able to entertain, literally, Brian had us in stitches. Good laughs, good times.

What’s your favorite dinner party meal to serve?

Did you like my photos? I noticed a little improvement!




What a HOOT! December 29, 2011

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Oh geez, what a headline!!  It’s just proof. . .I’ve become obsessed. . . with OWLS!

It started with this ring I saw on Etsy.

Then this fabulous necklace I purchased from a boutique while on a girls trip to Denver.

And now I can’t stop, owls are everywhere and I can’t stop photographing them or “pinning” them! I’m in love! These cuties were at my favorite thrift/junk/antique store, Back In The Day, in Omaha.

And so were these awful things but I think they are so cute!

There’s “Owls on a Branch”.

And an owl on a branch made to be a jewelry holder from Urban Outfitters.

They also had an owl photo frame (not found on their website). . .

. . . and another owl jewelry holder, I mean just search “OWLS” on their website and soak in the goodness. So cute!

There were glass blown owls at the Hot Shops Holiday Open House. . .

and original vinyl and wood art owls too.

I even found very scary owls at Goodwill.

And flying owls on lamps at The Afternoon.

And all you hunters know where to find these owls. . . that’s right, your local Cabela’s!

An owl and Christmas themed luggage tag, oh my stars!

How adorable are these handmade felt owl ornaments?

I even found owl ornaments made out of toilet paper rolls! Feliz Navidad!

This is just precious, found on one of the DIY blogs I follow and now I can’t find the actual post!

I saw these at Anthropologie. . .

. . . and absolutely fell in love with this guy.  The colors are gorgeous and he’s winking, how clever!  If I had a million dollars I’d own all of these but I just own one, and taking photos of all others suffices. . . for now!  Happy Whoolidays!




Local Artists at Hot Shops December 4, 2011

We wandered over to Hot Shops’ holiday open house today, I think this is the 3rd year in a row we’ve attended this, we have our favorite artists now like Crystal Forge, the glass blowing studio; or DarZart, the puzzle piece lady; the paper-marbeling corner (which they didn’t have this year, sad) and the Prisma Color smudger guy (he wasn’t there either!).  But we met some new artists this year and now have a couple of new favorites.

This is by Brian from Very Vector. His Etsy shop is closed right now and unfortunately he doesn’t have a website but you MUST keep looking for his shop to open.  His design is clean and simple and a bit retro. He screen prints on wood panels amongst other mixed media designs.

Aren’t these tea towels just gorgeous?  We watched Kitt Hamersky in The Fiber Studio work the huge looms.  I just can’t even imagine preparing a loom to even weave the simplest of designs.  Such preparation and patience. The red and white pinwheel design was my favorite.

Here’s a huge loom midway through a project which was an easy one, only 8 pedals and 2 different colors of thread. Would you have the patience to thread each of those strings, prepping the loom?  I loved the colorful spools of thread in the background. Would be cool to decorate with an entire wall of wooden shelves and huge spools of colorful thread.

This is the pattern she was using, watching her work the loom with her feet pushing the pedals and hands weaving the spools back and forth was like watching someone play the organ.  There was almost something very zen about it.


DarZart, aka (by us) as the puzzle piece lady, was working on a whole lot of baseballs. I think she had about 20 canvases in progress of painting, perfect for a little boys room, don’t you think?

Look really close where the seams of the baseball are, can you see the puzzle pieces she’s painted over? They add so much texture to her art. If you visit her studio at Hot Shops she has a giant turtle painted beautiful shades of green and textured with puzzle pieces, it’s SO COOL!

Happened upon a gorgeous photograph of a Princess Lasertron design on the runway during Omaha Fashion Week from G Thompson Higgins Photography.

I fell in love with these little guys from Crystal Forge, the glass blowing studio.  Glass artists have SO MUCH patience, I could never do it. They just keep heating and rolling the glass, swirling, heating, blow through the little tube, heat again and roll again, repeat repeat repeat. Wow, such an appreciation for the labor and vision involved in these creations.

If you’ve never been to Hot Shops you must go! They have an open house in the spring too. Check it out.

What local art shows do you like to attend?




Pretty Packaging Makes the Gift November 17, 2011

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I’ve posted on packaging before where I showed packaging of purchases from some of my favorite handmade artists and bloggers including Funky Vintage Lovely and Allora Handmade. So I thought I’d share a little packaging I created recently for some cute little gifts.

I love these little sautered pendents with clever sayings that you see everywhere. And I love smiley faces, do you remember this post about the smiley face cookie jar? 🙂

These look great as necklaces or could be fun as key chains or maybe even incorporated into some piece of creative work so I wanted to let my friend decide what to do with it!

I had all the supplies already in my stash, it was just a matter of picking out fun ribbon and matching different textured papers with it. I glued the papers together, poked 2 holes to run the ribbon through, tied it up cute and cut the ends, that’s a trick my Mom taught me. It’s a good way to “finish” ribbon or bows.

I loved the ribbon and paper colors so much I didn’t want to hide them in the wrapping so  I just used some brown bag paper, wrote a little note on the inside, folded it over and hot glued colorful buttons on. Fun, cheery and made from scraps of things I already had on hand!

How do you use your scraps from all your creative projects?




Beach Wedding Memory Box October 16, 2011

Before I start building a memory box, I gather all the items I think I will decorate it with and make sure they look good together.  Just like this snapshot below.

Doesn’t it just make you want to sail away to a secluded island with bright blue water and pink, sandy beaches, a cold beer and your best friends? Oh geez, I guess I’m needing a vacation! We are cruising to the Southern Caribbean in January and I just can not wait!

My dear friend Chrissy is basking in the warm sunlight on a swanky beach somewhere in Mexico right now with her new husband Scott and their families. Well, Chrissy is probably sitting by the pool 🙂  They got married yesterday and I designed this box around their beach wedding.  I was able to give it to her a few weeks ago at her shower and she loved it, yay!

I knew I wanted to use bright blue textured paper to represent ocean water and a creamy colored papery and accents to represent sand but had no idea what else to do. So, I wandered around hobby lobby for awhile and it just came to me!

My favorite thing about this box is the “rope”. It’s actually trim from the section in Hobby Lobby where you get all the stuff to make window dressings.

I kept the inside of the box really simple.

I really like how the glass beads bring that glassy water feeling to the piece and seriously, how cute is the fishing net with the big star fish stuck in it?

So happy for you Chrissy & Scott! Now I can’t wait to see all the photos from the wedding!