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So Long Spectacles, You’ve Been So Good To Me February 20, 2011

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It was a big weekend for me, I had LASIK done in both of my eyes.  I have been wanting to do this for about 5 years now, I have horrible allergies which makes it so unbelievably uncomfortable to wear contacts especially in the spring, summer and fall.  Golfing, yard work, biking. . . anything FUN and OUTDOORS has been virtually impossible for me to enjoy because of those dang allergies and always having to wear my glasses. So, I was finally able to get LASIK at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute.  It was a wonderful experience but the surgery itself, all 15 minutes of it, we so trippy!!


I’ve been a bit sentimental preparing for this surgery.  See, my glasses have been a part of my life since I was about 15, (I think) and in those 16 years, I’ve only had 4 pair of glasses of which I still have 3. I can very clearly remember shopping for and buying each pair o(except the first pair – I think they were Wal-Mart Vision Specials!!), making sure that they represented who I was at that time in my life.  Many fond, crazy, happy and sad memories have been made wearing my glasses so here’s a little walk down memory lane.

I apologize that these first few photos are such bad quality, they are a photo of a photo (I don’t have  a scanner!)  Look at those big ‘ol round wire rimmed glasses!!  This is in or around 1998 so I had had these glasses for a few years by now.  They took me through high school, tons of golf tournaments, lots of parties, choosing a college, moving away from home and making lifelong friendships.  But when looking for photos, I couldn’t find many of me in my glasses, obviously I probably hated wearing them!!

Can you see them here? I remember during high school is when my allergies started to get really bad, I’d be in the middle of a golf tournament and have to take my contacts out because they were bothering me so much. How frustrating!!  So this is me, wearing those darn glasses trying to play golf!

And can you imagine raking sand traps, mowing greens and trimming fairways for 8 hours a day in the bright sun while wearing glasses? Oh it so drove me nuts – but I had to wear them, can you see them here?  This was such a fun summer with the maintenance crew guys at Meadowlark Hills, I learned a lot, got to play free golf and got a GREAT TAN!  But still. . . those glasses.


I was about to start my junior year of college and I knew it was time to spend some of that hard earned golf course mowing money on some cool spectacles.  Because my allergies were getting worse and worse I knew I’d be wearing my spectacles more so definitely needed to up the cool factor!  I can remember going to all the different eye doctors and stores in Kearney that sold glasses until I found the right ones. I knew I didn’t want glasses with those nose pieces because they drove me nuts from my old glasses.

I remember deciding on these Tommy Hilfiger’s, they were brown, wire frame and they just sat on your nose. I think they looked pretty cute.

These specs were with me through very tough decisions, lots of art projects and turning 21!!!!!  Good times with good friends new (Jill, Janelle and Ang) and old (Chet below).

I loved these glasses, they worked at Flowerama with me, went to the Boundary Waters and graduated from Iowa State with me. I would still probably wear these today except I don’t have to anymore!!    These Tommy Hilfiger’s were great glasses but after college, in addition to my full time job, I was working part time at the GAP. . . and let me tell you, we had some trendy ladies working at the GAP (Nikki and Ginger and Karla!!) and my wardrobe was really starting to change, so I needed some spectacles to represent who I was evolving into as well as look good with the new wardrobe!

Well, the GAP was at the MALL so I did a lot of shopping at the eyeglass store there and FELL IN LOVE with these Calvin Kleins, BUT, such a tough decision. . . . should I get the black or should I get the tortoise? Black or brown, black or brown, I couldn’t afford to get both.  So I decided to get black because most of my wardrobe would look good with black.


Now these CK’s were with me during the most adventurous part of my life. They went with me out to grad school in Santa Cruz, sketching and painting in forests, farms and beaches, Jazzercise at the Roller Rink and DANG, check out that super cute hair!!  Yes, I had candy apple red highlights, you can do that in Santa Cruz.  Then they travelled to the complete opposite side of the nation with me to Bermuda for a couple of months to intern at the Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, we went snorkling (well, I didn’t wear them snorkling), boating and beaching all the time! What an amazing year that was and what an amazing tan I had!!

They were also with me through college friends getting married and starting their families and me going through that lovely quarter life crisis! Who am I? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? Remember  what that was like??!!!  I would have worn these fun CK spectacles forever but they were wearing out, they were losing their shine and becoming dull and make-up caked, it was time to move on.

So I shopped and shopped and shopped again and it was never easy because I was also always looking for a good deal! I remember I found these beautiful Ralph Lauren’s at the grand opening of a new store so of course there was a special offer!!!  I bought these around March of 2006 so it must have been a birthday treat for myself!

These RL’s made me feel a little more sophisticated and grown up, I don’t know why, maybe it was the shape.  But oh man, these glasses have been with me through so much craziness and laughter and one totally out of control summer at the lake (right Chrissy???!!!!).  As well as many tough decisions and next steps in life.

These specs went through growing up, moving on, new town, new jobs, buying a house, turning 30, meeting so many new people, traveling and figuring out who I am now and who I want to continue to grow to be.

And best of all, I met Brian in these spectacles.


So as you can see, it’s kind of bitter sweet, I won’t have spectacles there with me everyday, seeing what I see, enhancing my style and you know, maybe I do have a little anxiety because I can’t hide behind them anymore.  But I know that what is to come. . . not being held hostage to allergy eyes, uncomfortable contacts and glasses sliding down my sweaty nose while doing yard work. . . is going to be glorious! I’ll be free! I can buy cute, trendy sunglasses now, and lots of them!  I’ll have sunglasses for strolling in the Old Market and sunglasses for our trip to London. Sporty sunglasses for the golf course and streamlined sunglasses for biking. And I want to get some of those big huge Kourtney Kardashian sunglasses, just for fun.

And if any of you are considering LASIK. . . DO IT!!!! The 2 hours right after the surgery was horrible but bearable and ever since then, I don’t think I’ve even looked back.  Well, only to write this blog post, of course!