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My Martha Stewart December 11, 2010

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Every Christmas since I can remember my Aunt Jody has done some sort of decorating project with my sister and I (check out last year’s), and they ALWAYS resemble something I expect Martha Stewart to create!

She even kind of looks like her with great hair and the most festive little apron and oh my you should see her house around the holidays! Beautiful!!

Cake balls are all the rage this year so it didn’t surprise me to learn she had perfected the art of cake ball making and we would be too! This is the book she learned from.

And this is what we were going to make, Santa Hats (and Christmas Trees, not pictured) Who wouldn’t love chocolate cake mixed with chocolate frosting covered with colored chocolate frosting, sprinkled with sugar and topped with a gum ball?

Her table full of supplies.


With a lot of patience and careful steady hands, this chocolate cake mixed with chocolate frosting becomes. . .


Colorful Christmas Trees and,


Scrumptious Santa hats!


I love how creative my Aunt is and how she encourages that creativity in us.  Who is your “Martha Stewart” and how does that person encourage creativity in your life?

Thanks for another beautiful holiday experience Aunt Jody!!



Frosting Flowers October 4, 2010

I visited Justin Gaffrey‘s incredible gallery in Seaside, FL this summer.

It was the amazing painting sitting in the sun outside of his gallery of colorful flowers and the words  to the song You Are My Sunshine that peaked my interest. That was the song my Mom sang to us when we were little tykes, I love it.

But the most intriguing thing I learned about this artist is that he used to be a chef, so the fact that he paints with a palette knife and his flower paintings look like thick, bright, delicious frosting covering an enormous and beautiful canvas full of color was not surprising.  Some of his flowers can be 2 inches thick and his paintings can take up to one week to completely dry. Incredible!

Justin’s work is inspiring me to be more abstract and free in my acrylic paintings, it’s difficult,  but a little painting I’m working on is coming together nicely, I’ll be sure to share it when it’s complete.  For now, I will browse Justin’s site daily for inspiration.

What is your creative inspiration?




Holiday Traditions December 21, 2009

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Every year before Christmas my Aunt Jody has my sister and I over to do some sort of holiday treat decorating, then she cooks us an amazing dinner. It’s a special tradition we’ve done since we were little tykes, now we may have a missed a few years in there while we were both in college but we’ve been back at it the last few holidays.

Because we are so creative, she’s always trying new techniques or ideas with us. This year, we tried the technique called flooding. Basically, after piping the outline of the cookie you flood it with a frosting that dries quick and with a matte finish. Then you go back and pipe designs on it and add sparkles and treats.

While we aren’t professional and she may change her frosting recipe a bit for next year, I think they turned out gorgeous!! And I’m sure they taste amazing too. . . I didn’t even sneak a taste, but my sister did.

Thanks for another fun holiday night Aunt Jody!!