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Reclaimed Wood Sign September 2, 2014

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I found this old wood at Junkstock. . . not the recent Junkstock this summer, but Junkstock in the fall of 2013! So I’ve had it for quite some time. 


Reclaimed Wood Sign




The wood was in really good shape, had some character, and was super inexpensive, which is rare for reclaimed wood these days.


Reclaimed Wood Sign




I started with a coat of white paint, then added some olive green paint as I was planning ahead to create that “weathered” look.


Reclaimed Wood Sign


This next part was a bit challenging because I freehand lettered “be awesome” on to the sign.  Next time, I’ll either use stencils or print out the letters and trace them on the sign.


Reclaimed Wood Sign


I then lightly sanded the entire sign to give it that weathered and worn look, then attached a fastener for easy hanging. 


Reclaimed Wood Sign


This now hangs above our coat closet (in a very awkward space to photograph) on our way out to the garage.


Reclaimed Wood Sign



Every morning I get a nice little reminder to take on the day and be awesome!



Reclaimed Wood Sign



I have another reclaimed wood project in the works right now, a whole half of a barn door!  So many possibilities, but I’ve got something up my sleeve and can’t wait to share it with you next month.





Seeing Green – More Repurposed Wall Art May 13, 2012

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And now a little break from the nature hikes!

My very good friend Nicole found this gem while she was out “junkin”!

Beautiful gold and chippy frame.

And this beautiful gem I picked up at Shabby Chic Picker Chick but sadly she has closed her storefront but still sells online.

Another beautiful gold beauty!

(oops, I forgot to round the corners on this photo! Oh well.) I chose the Martha Stewart paint samples I got from Home Depot in Okra.

And I had a spill. . .. oops!!

It took about 4 coats to cover that nasty goldness!  You can see it shining through here.

I’ve had that green paintbrush since college. . . 14 years. . . yikes!!

I roughed up the frame after I painted it to look worn. But you can see here, the gold really showed through.

I like the white showing through, but not the gold.

So I tried to paint it with watered down white acrylic.

It looks pretty good. . . from a distance 🙂

Isn’t she lovely? I picked up  a few botanical prints at The Humble Home for only $2 each! I love botanicals but only when they are in a bright funky frame!

You may remember this beautiful shelf I made from this post. I propped my new artwork up on it, looks lovely.

But a little sparse.

So I added a couple other pieces of repurposed art! Now it makes me smile every time I walk by.

Doesn’t the shelf look so sweet?

I’m in love with this repurposed project too!  Green and pretty.  The white vase is also from The Humble Home. The doily is from a junk store in Eureka Springs, AK. And the yellow iris’, well, their from my garden!

What have you repurposed lately?




From Door Frame to Wall Art July 17, 2011

I found this gorgeous hunk of crusty old door frame at Jim’s Seek & Save here in Omaha. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a must see, great finds, huge variety and really great prices.  This was only $15!
Isn’t the crusty and crackly-ness just amazing?
I need some major help with my photo taking skills, I apologize!  I cleaned up the piece and sanded the bumpy parts being very careful not to lose too much of the crackles and paint. Got out my Purdy paintbrush and Martha Stewart paint sample called Cornbread.

This is supposed to be what it looks like but really, it’s yellow, a lovely soft shade of yellow. I think I’m obsessed with painting things yellow lately – like the muffin tin project and the mail holder project. And you can see in a few photos I have a yellow kitchen and got a yellow tea pot for my birthday! I guess I love yellow!
So I painted this baby up and went to town “weathering” it.  There was probably 3 or 4 layers of paint and a couple layers down was this really great 1950’s turquoise green color.  I was super happy that after the paint dried, the crackling showed really nice.
Whenever I need some creative inspiration, Anthropologie is my first stop, not only do they have awesome clothes but they have the best window displays and in-store displays too.  Gorgeous, colorful, playful, vintage, I just love that place.  And, they always have these darling knobs on sale.  So I stocked up on a few and may have splurged on a couple that weren’t on sale, but it was worth it.
At first I tried to use measuring and math to space them out easily but there’s a reason why I’m a creative, not a numbers person. In the end I just eyeballed it which I’m sure ended up more precise than if I measured!
I drilled holes and screwed them in. Some of them were longer than the thickness of the board so I finally got to use my Dremel to cut some metal! Just trimmed the ends of those little suckers off like cutting butter!
And there you have it!  I hung it up by itself and it was really boring so I found some knick knacks around the house and arranged them on top. See that big brown plate? I found the gem at Goodwill for $1.99.  I’m going to paint it a funky color. . . I’m sure you’ll see that project soon!
Isn’t it so cute? I keep staring at it I love it so much! Did I mention it’s 44″ wide?  HUGE I tell ya!
Look at that old nail sticking out. I thought it was a cool detail so I left it in there.

This was originally designed to be a holder for all of our hats but I think it’s too cute to cover up those darling knobs, right?




Do You Know The Muffin Man? June 30, 2011

I did this little muffin tin project awhile ago and keep looking at it everyday wondering just who is the muffin man? Hmmm. . . Just kidding, I do look at it everyday wondering if I like it, if it turned out good, if it looks good in my kitchen, if I should keep it hung up. . . what do you think?

I found this old crusty muffin tin in an old schoolhouse somewhere between Overton and Kearney, NE that was converted to a little junk/antique store.

It has some fun details like the ornate handles and crustiness!

I knew I wanted to hang it in my kitchen but didn’t know how or what I wanted to look like.  I’ve had this white frame for awhile.

Has a little canvas texture.

And yes, the original price was $49.99, wah???  My Mom always has random frames tucked away in her storage room and I’m pretty sure that’s where I found this gem.

I’ve also had this very cute paper since last summer, just tucked away waiting to be part of some creative kitchen project. The colors are perfect for my kitchen.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering. . . where the heck is this going?  Just a few more photos and you’ll see. I taped up the frame and painted it Martha Steward Cornbread.

Then I got out my paper glue and cut a piece of chipboard and paper to fit the frame.

Then put staples on the back to hold the board in.

And WALLA! At this point I paused and thought maybe I should just leave it like this?  But decided to move ahead with my plan just to see what would happen.

I really liked the texture and crustiness of the muffin tin and didn’t want to lose that so I decided to give the tin a stained look by adding  a little water to the paint and doing a wash.

It’s just a subtle green, turned out just as I wanted!

The paper was so cute I didn’t want to completely hide it so I tried a different layout but it just didn’t look right.

With a few drops of Gorilla Super Glue on the back,

The muffin man now has a home!

He’s hanging above the sink.  It’s kind of heavy but it fits nicely in that space and brings a few colors to my otherwise boring, old cream cupboards.

I may be obsessed with yellow, this is the tea pot I got for my birthday.

I’m still unsure about the muffin tin creation, what do you think?



One, Two, Three. . . Where the Mail Shall Be January 30, 2011

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I’m trying to work on my headlines, was that a good one?  Was it so compelling you wanted to see what the heck this post is about?  It must have worked, after all, you’re here!!

My sister and I went back home last weekend to spend some QT with our parents.  Saturday was spent antiquing and junk shopping with my Mom. Just what I needed, quality time with Mom and Kate as well as a boatload of creative inspiration!

Now this is a funny story as to why I took a photo of  a $28 smiley face cookie jar.  A few years ago my bff Jill was in Kearney with me and I took her to all the cool antique stores.  For some reason I’ve always been attracted to yellow smiley faces, if I ever got a tattoo it would probably be of that!  So here it was in all it’s glory sitting upon a shelf that was right above a beautiful mirrored serving tray which held a dozen or so crystal wine glasses, and i just HAD to pick that damn thing up, I don’t know why I needed to feel it in my hands, but I did.  I reached for it with my left hand with my right hand quickly approaching and next thing I know the top of the cookie jar is crashing onto the mirror serving tray, miraculously falling in between the extremely expensive crystal wine glasses (thank goodness) and the top nob of it cracks off the lid.  NO!!!!!!!!  I glance to my right and there sits the dreaded sign – YOU BREAK IT YOU BUY IT!  So, $65 later, I have a smiley face cookie jar with the top cracked off.  Sixty-five bucks? I got jipped!! I saw this one (pictured) at an antique store for $28, oh well.  It’s such a great memory, right Jilly?

Now, back to my original post.  I found this cute little piece at a new antique store in Kearney, it was only $12 and I had been looking for something to help organize my mail so my kitchen table didn’t constantly look like this!

I thought I was getting something that someone had probably put together from scrap wood in their workshop but when I was paying I noticed this sticker. . . I can’t believe someone would really pay $49 for that!!

Now, you may have noticed the bazillion paint jars in the earlier photo, Gail from My Repurposed Life posted about Home Depot’s Facebook Deals as she had purchased this pack of Martha Stewart paint samples for $4.  Yes, $4!!!  So of course I had to have it too, the colors are gorgeous.  This one is called Cornbread and matches my kitchen pretty well. It took me about 2 minutes to paint the strips of wood on the wall hanging.

I got it painted quick and it looked kind of plain so I thought this was a great opportunity to hop on the “Numbers” band wagon and put some on this piece.  I’ve really been liking what people are doing with numbers, like this from Susie Harris (her signs are AMAZING!!) and here on Today’s Creative Blog.  So I printed out a couple sizes and tested which would fit best.

I liked the smaller size better so I taped it down, inserted some graphite paper underneath and traced with a sharp pencil.

And here’s what it looks like after the tracing.  Can you see a 3?

I painted the numbers with a black acrylic, I think it took 1 minute to paint all 3 numbers!  Then used the hair dryer to speed the drying process. Looks pretty good, huh?

The black was too flat, needed to rough it up a little so it works well with the rest of the piece. So I took my sanding sponge thing to it.

Here’s a close up after roughing it up.

I LOVE how it turned out!

And it looks fabulous in my kitchen!

And it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

PS, isn’t that lampshade fabulous?  One of my favorite buys from the sale shelf at Target!



Get Your Craft On Tuesday

Repurposed Cabinet Doors December 31, 2010

I’ve been following Gail’s Blog, My Repurposed Life, for about a month now and it is one awesome blog full of tons of creative inspiration especially for repurposing furniture. Seriously, an old door repurposed into a toddler bed? HOW COOL! Gail says that her favorite thing to do DIY wise is to repurpose every day items that are headed for the garbage/landfill.

Some of you know I like to do the same thing, take this old window I purchased at Tiede’s (my favorite junk store) for about $7.

After a coat of paint and adding some wreaths and ribbon, it looks perfect on my bedroom wall!

Or this old thing, I think it’s half of an old wood screen door. Whatever it is, I thought it was cool and it was only $4 at Tiede’s so I painted it white and then painted some red flower shapes on the screens. Also looks perfect on my bedroom wall! And I know you CAN NOT purchase wall art that large for only $4!!!

Or this cute little shutter I purchased at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for like $3 I think. Painted it black and now it’s super cute wall art in my kitchen.

Okay, I think you get my point!!

I had purchased these incredibly inexpensive cabinet doors at the ReStore about a year ago knowing there would be something cool to do with them but not knowing what exactly that would be! Then Gail inspired me! These made the PERFECT Christmas gifts for my Mom and my sister and I can’t wait to make more. I wanted to do a step-by-step post but got so into creating these I forgot to take photos!!  So here is one step and the final products!

Gail taught me this little trick – always check out the OOPS section at Lowes!  I picked up this mistint for $0.50 and it worked perfect.  After sanding the cabinets and taping off the inside, I painted the “frame” with some old laytex paint I had from painting my kitchen.  It took a few coats.  I let it dry, then sanded the edges and such to create a weathered and worn look.  Then I painted on the stain and let it dry for a few seconds then wiped it off.

It worked well because it warmed up the bright yellow paint while darkening the sanded areas to really accentuate that weathered and worn look.  After this I took off the blue tape and painted the inside with chalkboard paint. Okay, there’s the one step, now on to the fun stuff!

I gave this one to my Mom. She has a very huge creative space that has tons of fun wall art and repurposed furniture. She sews amazing quilts and fun little pillows so I wanted to add a tad of that sewing inspiration idea into this piece, even making a holder for the chalk at the end of each ribbon tail! I’m loving my sewing machine.

I had some fun with rick rack, some ribbon I had around, as well as vintage buttons.  My Mom was really surprised and loves it so that was the best part of giving her this gift!

This is the one I gave to my little sister Kate (minus the photos, those are mine, I just wanted you to be able to see how this would be used).  I seriously LOVE giving gifts to my sister because she gets so excited even at 25 years old and her reactions are priceless!!  I used the same process for this chalkboard wall art but decorated it so she could hang photos.

I had some really big old wooden buttons that I painted black, then hot-glued to mini clothes pins.  Those got painted as well.  I added some color with the red vintage buttons and then hot glued it to the edge of the cabinet door.  Pretty easy, very cute!  That is my beautiful sister  and myself in the photo on the left and us with our Aunt (our Martha Stewart) and Uncle in the photo of the right.

Kate absolutely loved this and I chose colors that are perfect for her living room.  Thanks to Gail at My Repurposed Life for the inspiration for these fun Christmas Gifts!

Did you get a DIY or handmade gift this year?  I would love to hear about it.



Polka Dot Flowers & Purple Butterflies November 20, 2010

How could anyone resist doing a special project for this cute little blond hair-pig-tailed girl?

In addition to that precious little smile, she also has a precious pink and yellow bedroom, a little girl’s dream, right?

So her mom didn’t have to twist my arm to create some cute artwork for these gynormously tall walls!  I sketched out a design using her bedspread and pillows as inspiration.  We are starting on one wall for now but will add another soon, I just couldn’t wait to share the progress!

First step was sketching the art on the walls with white chalk (thanks Rosie for the recommendation!)

If you look very very very close you can see the faint white lines.



And I mixed up a beautiful light fluffy purply violet color.



And started with that cute little butterfly in the corner.



Then the periwinkle colored flower with polka dots in the middle.



Then the bright pink flower!



To finish it off I added some white polka dots and green stems and leaves.  SO CUTE!! And I heard the little one loved it too!


Hope your day is filled with polka dot flowers and purple butterflies!