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Beach Wedding Memory Box October 16, 2011

Before I start building a memory box, I gather all the items I think I will decorate it with and make sure they look good together.  Just like this snapshot below.

Doesn’t it just make you want to sail away to a secluded island with bright blue water and pink, sandy beaches, a cold beer and your best friends? Oh geez, I guess I’m needing a vacation! We are cruising to the Southern Caribbean in January and I just can not wait!

My dear friend Chrissy is basking in the warm sunlight on a swanky beach somewhere in Mexico right now with her new husband Scott and their families. Well, Chrissy is probably sitting by the pool ūüôā ¬†They got married yesterday and I designed this box around their beach wedding. ¬†I was able to give it to her a few weeks ago at her shower and she loved it, yay!

I knew I wanted to use bright blue textured paper to represent ocean water and a creamy colored papery and accents to represent sand but had no idea what else to do. So, I wandered around hobby lobby for awhile and it just came to me!

My favorite thing about this box is the “rope”. It’s actually trim from the section in Hobby Lobby where you get all the stuff to make window dressings.

I kept the inside of the box really simple.

I really like how the glass beads bring that glassy water feeling to the piece and seriously, how cute is the fishing net with the big star fish stuck in it?

So happy for you Chrissy & Scott! Now I can’t wait to see all the photos from the wedding!




Hip Hip Hooray, Another Wedding Day July 12, 2011

Yip, Yip, Yip. . . r-r-r-radio. . . Yip, Yip, Yip.

Yes, these are home made costumes by one of the most fun couples I know, Jaci & John. ¬†Seriously, how fun? ¬†I’m laughing just writing this thinking about that Halloween night and those awesome costumes, they used tennis rackets to move the bottom of the mouth up and down!

So I wasn’t surprised when these incredibly fun and charming wedding invitations came in the mail!

Such a nice little package Jaci put together, all assembled herself!

And, she designed them herself too, aren’t they fun? ¬†I LOVE it, the color, the copy, the fonts, simply splendid!

And I couldn’t WAIT to create a memory box for Jaci that went right along with the look and theme of her invites. ¬†Luckily I was able to find the EXACT fonts on my computer. And I wanted it to be stacked and squared mirroring the composition of the invite.

You probably can’t see it that well with my horrible photography skills, but the invite has a lot of dotted lines, so I used these round buttons with a funky texture to repeat the dotted line look. And girly’d it up a bit with some black lace.
Again, what a horrible washed out photo! This is the inside cover of the box, the paper buckled a little but I kind of like the texture.And I had a great old brooch purchased at an antique store this Thanksgiving in Eureka Springs, AK. I thought it added a little funk to the design of the box.

And here’s a peak at the inside of the box. The bottom is covered with some fun textured silver paper I had in my stash. I like to put a couple things in there to give the bride some ideas of how to group things, fasten with ribbon and simply what to keep in your memory box!

I loved the font combo so I made a little card to go with the wrapping.

Wrapped it up in the theme color and there ya go! I wish I would have had polka dot silver wrapping paper but in the end this worked, AND Jaci loved it.

I hope my friends know how much satisfaction and pleasure I get out of creating these gifts and being there to see them open it and share in the fun of getting something a little unique and very personalized!

I know Jaci & John will have a splendidly happy life together!





Amazing! Thank You Postcards January 19, 2011

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I was just thinking today that I needed new thank you notes but I wanted to make my own, not purchase any.  So I think it was meant to be when this post showed up on my most favorite blog, Design Sponge.  Bring on the cardboard!

My friend Lucy always sends the CUTEST notecards and I always look to see where it’s from. Most of the time it’s Papyrus, and then that explains it, they have some great cards! ¬†Where do you find your notecards?




Cupcake Inspired Art January 4, 2011

I wanted to make my Aunt something special this Christmas, something cute and creative and fun, but what can you possibly make for a lady that bakes and decorates amazingly beautiful treats such as these?



Or these?



Or these?


Well, a Cupcake inspired memory box of course!!


She is also a HUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers fan so just had to use a Red and White color scheme.



I knew I wanted to do something around her mad baking and decorating skills so I browsed the baking aisle at hobby lobby for some inspiration and out popped these fun white doilies, the perfect place setting for a cupcake, right?


And what person doesn’t love those big silver sugar sprinkles?



More cupcakes on the inside of the box too, featuring a special message. I used an image transfer technique to take an old love letter and incorporate it into this design.



Vintage buttons of all styles made for fun decorations.



And sealed with a bow.  Now she has a special place to keep all of her sweet memories.





Baubles & Bows One Thousand Times Better December 8, 2010

Now, I thought my Baubles & Bows were pretty impressive but check out these GORGEOUS and inexpensive gift toppers I just read about over on Design Sponge. Love this!

Design Sponge: Gift Toppers


Baubles and Bows November 30, 2010

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I broke out my old bow tying skills from my days at Flowerama and put them to work on some fun Christmas wrapping.  They were too cute, I had to share.

Are you jealous. . . it’s November 30th and I have 80% of my holiday shopping complete and presents already wrapped! ¬†I just love this time of year so much, I get a little obsessed with getting Christmas things done before anything else!

Isn’t that pillow so cute? My amazingly creative mother makes them!

I’m in love with that striped ribbon.

So I incorporated it into the gift tag and added a little red button for some texture and interest.

I’m reusing these gift tags from last year. I got them from my friends Lynn and Karla (who has the cutest winter hats available on her blog right now!) – little poker chips covered with pretty paper and attached to a mini-clothespin, how cute!!

I’m also reusing this idea that was a hit last year, I just used old christmas baubles I didn’t want on my tree anymore. ¬†They add a little sparkle, elegance and holiday fun to the silver wrapping. ¬†Just string a ribbon through the tops and tie together tightly. Easy as that!

I would love to see your unique holiday wrapping ideas this year, share a link!




Trendy Elephants For Baby June 2, 2010

I just knew my friend Cindi would come up with something so adorable for her new baby’s nursery, she has an amazing eye for design and color, must come from her mad graphic design skills at a local ad agency.¬† When little Aaron came into her and her husband Warren’s life it was a wonderful miracle and I knew they would have so many memories they just had to have somewhere to keep them!

Seriously SO CUTE!!  Note the elephant on the changing table, elephant mobile, elephant quilt and what are those circles on the walls?  I HAVE to find out.

Her creative pals at the ad agency threw a very cute shower complete with the elephant theme!

I fell in love with the elephants and wanted to incorporate them into the memory box so I used white Prisma Color to draw them all over the box.

And continued with the green, brown and white color theme.  What a beautiful photo Cindi took of little Aaron all wrapped up.  And I was able to use a lot of fun buttons found in various antique/junk stores.

Here are a few shots of the inside cover and inside of the box.  You will probably notice a few themes Рrick rack, fuzzy white poofy ball things and the fun little letters.

With inspiration from my friends Karla and Lynn, I’m starting to have a little fun with the wrapping by incorporating elements from the memory box into the entire gift package. Karla actually made the striped clip I used to clip the card to the bag.

She took a mini paper clip and glued an old poker chip to it then covered the poker chip with fun paper!  How creative!

I hope to visit little Aaron again soon and spend some time with the new Mom and Dad!¬† And I hope that between all the golfing, concert going, gardening and traveling I’ve been doing I can spend some more time blogging. Speaking of traveling, have you ever heard of a rose rock?¬† It is the state rock of Oklahoma where I just spent a great weekend with Brian and his family.

I’m so grateful for this precious and intricate little souvenir from my trip to Oklahoma.¬† Thanks Di-Ann!