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Nature at OPPD Arboretum March 29, 2012

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It’s a lot more fun to take nature photos with a fancy new camera so Brian and I are taking to the trails this summer.  We’re going to try to do a hike a week and so far have explored some places we haven’t ever been to in our hOmaha!  Here’s a few snapshots from our nature walk at the Omaha Public Power District Arboretum.

I liked this little greet pine tree amongst the brown/grey surroundings.  I may have punched up the color a bit, playing with the editing features in Lightroom 4.

And another beautiful green pine tree amongst the brown/grey surroundings.

I love the yellow-ochre colored rocks and ground cover against the cobalt blue-ish sky. This photo was taken by Brian and edited by me!

We also went over to check out the Grotto in Elmwood Park and I had to share the camera with Brian again. It’s so hard sharing the camera, I mean who likes to share a shiny new toy?  But he loves it and loves taking photos so I guess I’ll be nice and keep sharing!

A little reflection for you.

I’m excited to spend the summer exploring nature, might have to bring my sketchbook along.

What are you exploring this summer?